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Firstly, some numbers. During the 2012 event, the 15th Raid 4L Trophy, 2,700 participants in 1,350 teams, from 1,460 colleges, left the two departure villages of Futuroscope in Poitiers and Saint-Jean de Luz, aboard their mythical 4L. The final destination was Marrakesh, a journey of 10 days and almost 6,000 kilometres on the roads of France, Spain and the pistes of Morocco. These elements make the Raid 4L Trophy the biggest European student car rally.

But the Raid 4L Trophy is more than just numbers on a page, the Raid 4L Trophy is a true humanitarian and sporting adventure for students between 18 and 28 years old. The competition is based on orientation not speed. In this competition success is making it to the finish line. In getting there participants discover the real meaning of helping one another. Avoiding the pitfalls of wadis and the sand which many people get stuck in. Providing breakdown support to others with mechanical problems. In helping one another, the competitors faces show the satisfaction of a job well done and pride in having given everything for themselves and for others.

In addition to their lust for wide open spaces, the teams transport classroom materials in their 4Ls to be given to the poorest children in Morocco. Solidarity is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the 4L Trophy, solidarity towards local inhabitants is not an empty phrase. This is shown by the emotion experienced each year by participants during the ceremony to handover donations organised in partnership with Enfants du Désert, this is one of the high points of the adventure.



Why fund it?

We need your help to pay 4L trophy fees (2700€), with you we'll rock the desert!!!


Come on.




Alexandre Lataste & Étienne Fabaron jeunes étudiants fraîchement dîplomés en création publicitaire se lancent à l’assaut des dunes marocaines pour remplir une mission humanitaire qui les mènera de Paris à Marrakech ! À 25 ans, Tom-Tom ou plutôt Étienne-Étienne sera le co-pilote de la 4L Larmina, un poste qu’il convoite depuis qu’il est assez grand pour... See more

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Nous nous croiserons dans le désert, Equipage 2137!!
C'est un très joli projet que vous nous présentez. Je vous souhaite une bonne éclate. Allez Larmina, donne tout !!
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