Soutiens Le Bateau magazine, abonne toi ! Érotique, libre et sans censure ! Des textes, des dessins et des photographies qui donnent chaud !


The project

LE BATEAU is an erotic magazine! unbound! and without censorship! Be a part of the next 4 issues' making! Help us create the 2016 subscription!



Extract Le Bateau 1, theme "La culotte" - (cover Jessica Rispal - pages Vince)



Created in January 2015 by Captain Jessica RISPAL, graphic designer, photographer and pornographer, LE BATEAU contains 64 pages of naughty pictures, strongly graphic drawings and writings with a wild teasing effect (erotic short stories, fiction, puns and interviews). It's a hot (very) hot and welcoming magazine, with changing layouts, it likes liberty and being apart without compromises. So it's ads free!



Extract Le Bateau 2, theme "Double" - (cover Pillepopp - pages Stephane Blanquet)


We even have a website :





LE BATEAU has a regular crew and invite an outsider every issue. LE BATEAU is sailed by rookie sailors and renowned Pirates, they all share the same bursting creativity, openminded sexualities and a lack of boundaries. They all contribute to the issue according a them given by the Captain, it permits a true coherence, a playful dimension and a chance to exceed their own limits.



Extract Le Bateau 3, theme "Pattern" - (cover Romy Alizée - pages eke & Julien JDM)



After successfully self-publishing 5 issues in 2015, LE BATEAU confirmed it had a public and would like to take a new dimension increasing quality and quantity of the monthly printing in 2016. Our goal is to create 4 issues a year and to setup a subscription plan to make things simpler for everybody. Larger quantities will allow us to make it available in libraries also, and they are looking forward to distributing it.



Extract Le Bateau 4, theme "Sueur" - (cover Vanda Spengler - pages Romain Tord & Pillepopp)


The crew is composed of 17 naughty sailors  in 2015 and hired new talents in order to tease you even more in 2016 : writers, illustrators, journalists and photographers. 


Here is the new team:


Illustrators :

Stéphane Blanquet - Vince (de Stan&Vince) - Pierre Estable - Louleloup- Julien JDM - Ekii - Caroline Bartal - Pillepopp - Aleksey

Photographers and collagists :

Alain STHR - Amaury Grisel - Romy Alizée - Vanda Spengler - Sadie von Paris - Flore Kunst - Guirec Zeo - Jessica Rispal

Writers / Journalists :

Sixtine - J'u - Charles de la Motte - Guirec Zeo - Romain Tord - Victorine - Yannick Blay - Frédéric Lemaître - Victorine

Website : Pixelshoot

Thanx to Calvin Dionnet, Fabrice Passaquay, Max Garcia for traduction.




Extract Le Bateau 5, theme "Cadavre exquis" - (cover Vince - pages J'u & Julien JDM)


LE BATEAU MAGAZINE is a pirate magazine and it likes to share, to thrill and to sail to new conquests!  

Why fund it?



LE BATEAU is a magazine :

- Numeric print, quadricolor

- Size : 22x28 cm (closed)

- Pages : 64 




We're launching this crowdfunding in order to raise enough money to print the 2016 four issues so we can create a year subscription.


- With 6900 we would be able to print 4 issues a year and create a subscription for 28 euros!

Each issue will cost 8 euros  

> 4 issues = 5400 euros (1 issues printed at 500 ex = 1350 euros)  

> 1000 euros dof shipping   

> Kisskissbankbank’s cost : 500 euros  


- With 8000 euros the magazine will have an english translation for it’s paper edition!  


- With 10 000 euros we will print a Deluxe Edition for the 2016 year’s end celebrations.  


- With 15 000 euros we will create the mobile version, an exibition with the art pieces and awesome goodies!   


Subscribe to the pirate Magazine ! We need your help ! LE BATEAU is an erotic magazine! unbound! and without censorship! Be a part of the next 4 issues' making! Help us create the 2016 subscription!



Le bateau magazine

Born in 1981 in Paris, two pirate kids. Graphic designer by day, erotic photographer by night (and since i’m 18 years old), i also recently became a pornographer. Captain of Le Bateau Magazine since february 2015 a pirate magazine and it likes to share, to thrill and to sail to new conquests!

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