We need you ! For this year 2016, Accords Brass Band challenge themselves : record a CD !


The project

The Brass Band Accords has entered a new era. Following a double participation in the French National Brass band Championship, it appeared to Cedric Rossero and musicians that it could be a good idea to record a CD. What a challenge! Indeed, this CD must both show the evolution of BBA since its creation until its 2015 French 1st division champion title and be a portrayal of what a brassband can be: its possibilities, its sounds and its conviviality. 




This CD has been built to be a mix between traditional brassband musical repertoire and more original pieces. To do so, it includes a creation of Guillaume Vautier, a friend of the Brass Band Accords. The first recording session was in December 2015 and the next one will be in spring 2016. The release is expected for May 2016. 





Why fund it?

This fundraising is necessary for us. Indeed, recording a CD involves inherent costs like amongst other, mobilizing a sound engineer or paying off the copyrights. We need 2 000 more euros in order to get the project off the ground: make a CD as best as it can be.


900€ : duplication

600€ : copyrights

500€ : booklet desing


Help us to make of this project a success!    


If this collect goes over 2 000€ it's that it take your interest and we could start to think about a new album !

Brass Band Accords

Brass Band Accords is born within Centre Musical Accords in 2003 when Bruno Rossero become director of the brass ensemble. He turns rapidly it into a brassband, charmed by the warm sounds of this British kind of ensemble. Today, the Brass Band Accords is a 30 musician band which forgathers each Monday evening to practice under the baton of Cédric Rossero... See more

Newest comments

Beaucoup de succès pour votre projet et longue vie au brassband !! Christine Alarcon-Hollemaert
Allez Bidou !!! :-) Vivement le CD
Au nom du Brassband Brassaventure je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir dans la réalisation de votre premier CD. Bien cordialement, Pascal Fraisse, Président