An award-winning nature photography book with prose in English & French, it combines the beauty of nature with intuitive metaphors.


The project

The Circle of Life: Gathering Pearls of Wisdom is a 36-page book with photography and bilingual prose (French-English). 




Do you love nature? This book of black & white photography with prose explores our special relationship with the natural world. Patrick’s macro photographs combine with Patricia’s interpretative text to make this book a special visual and storytelling experience.




“I used a macro perspective to create images that are like portraits. I like to show unique details in nature that we might miss, unless we take a moment to notice them.”  Patrick




“I’m fascinated by plant life and the Irish side of my family loved to tell stories. I attributed human qualities to the cacti, using personification to let them become storytellers, and open the door of imagination for the reader.”  Patricia




The images of plant life in the book are used as metaphors for different steps in the circle of human life…the innocence of childhood, the search for identity, our sense of family or the enigma of attraction. Each photograph is accompanied by short prose that invites the reader to interpret his or her own meaning. 


Our photographs were exhibited at "Les Rencontres de la Photographie", a popular international photography festival, during July 2015 in Arles, France.




There is a reward for everyone who helps and a sincere thanks for your belief in our project! We carefully selected a leading offset printer in France, Escourbiac, based on the quality of their work and commitment to customer service.



Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and inspiration to this project, particularly Ana Sartori, Catherine Ferey, Denis Bernard, Philippe Dumont, Voies-Off - "Rencontres Photographiques" d'ArlesAlain Escourbiac imprimeur et Christian Dupuy.  






Why fund it?

We are surprised at how the book touches people’s hearts. The photos and text encourage people to share their thoughts and experiences. Some early copies of the book were distributed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. People of all ages, cultures and countries liked it. We want to share the book with a wider audience and translate it to other languages.  


We would like to order 600 copies of the book using offset printing. Your participation by buying a postcard  print or book, will enable us to offer a high quality hardcover version of our book. The total cost for the books, including rewards, shipping and all other expenses, equals 4600€ and is shown in this breakdown:



We are prepared to personally invest 2,100€ towards this cost, but we need your help please, for the remaining 2500€ to put our project into action. Thanks for believing in us!

Patrick Searle

Patrick Searle is a Frenchman, born in Paris, and photography is one of his passions in life. He actively participates in regional and national photography exhibitions and competitions -- Patricia Philbin, a published author and journalist, contributed bilingual (French-English) prose for their book. Her passion in life is people, communication and...

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What happens if you don't get funded?

That's a depressing question! We did a short-run of the book and sold close to 300 copies, people told us that they really like it. We're at a point where we could stay small (print-on-demand) or use offset to print in volume and for high quality. The demand for the book exists and one of the next steps is to translate it to other languages. Japanese is the first one. So it's a matter of believing in our dream and trying to make the book happen. Wish us luck...and please help!

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Good luck with the project!!!
Bonsoir Patricia et Patrick, Super j'ai réussi à mener à terme ma modeste participation à votre beau projet! A très bientôt chez vous, chez moi Cordialement Sonia
Salut Patrick bonne chance pour ton projet amicalement Philippe