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Since 2011 we have taken part in the realm of luxury through our lifestyle magazine exclusively distributed at the most beautiful places in Paris and the greatest European shows. Today we are making the bet to give everyone access to the inaccessible, thanks to our still-as-exclusive digital magazine.






LuxuryDesign is a team of enthusiasts and experts who have a fresh look on luxury and all its facets. The experiences, testimonies and reports are meant for those who appreciate the true meaning of the word luxury.


Beyond daily information, is the only magazine that organises challenges aboard supercars, the only one that travels in a private jet to make you discover the greatest hotels, the only one that opens the doors of the most amazing restaurants in the whole world especially for you and the only one that helps you choose the next Haute Horlogerie watch you want to buy.







Located at every corner of the globe, the team of reporters, photographers and journalists only awaits for your green light to make you feel luxury from the inside.


The goal of is to surprise and anticipate the desires of its readership. In order to do that, the magazine becomes a vehicle for daily dreams and at the same time a source of relevant and committed information.



Closeup-4-540 is above all a refined artistic management, a multiple-tone editorial line, live reports all around the world, and today we give you the opportunity to be a part of this amazing adventure.







1 - For you it is the possibility to receive exclusive bonuses:

Your name displayed in the website’s credits, a special day with one of our journalists to discover one of the greatest motor show in the world in a way you have never seen one, exclusive goodies in highly limited edition or also the publication of a special dossier in your honour.



2 - To support an editorial approach to excellence in the service of its readers.


On the agenda:

A fresh look on luxury thanks to which information will be suggestive of dream, always relevant and above all in harmony with your demands.

Exclusive encounters with the actors of luxury and the fashionable creators.

New reports on grand luxury houses, their backstage and renowned palaces.

Exclusive city guides to discover the greatest places of the world.

All new interactions with our reporters during their adventures, press events and fashion shows.

A detailed, extensive and original content on all the themes you are interested in.



3 - To make you become sponsors of 100% LuxuryDesign events:

• With 8 000 euro, The project goes online! Thanks to you, we are now able to push the new version of online.


• With 12 000 euros we will organise an exceptional private party with the fans that will have supported us. (GUEST REWARD minimum)


• Then for 20 000 euros we will send our High Jewelry specialised reporter and one of you to a Brazilian gemstone mine to follow the course of a stone from there to Vendôme.


• Then for 30 000 euros we will take you to Dubaï to spend 48 hours with a great prince and make you discover his luxury daily: game of polo, visit of his private garage (more than 250 models of exception), private yacht party…


• And finally for 40 000 euros we will organise a road trip with 5 of our readers with the nicest supercars of the world in Luxurydesign special version throughout France.






After glancing over many websites and paper magazines, we noticed that fashion, High jewelry, automobile and many other fields were represented by magazines dedicated to a single field. As for the rare publications offering a varied content, they eulogized luxury in conjunction with expensive and obsolete objects. Aftre all these observations, chose to adopt a different approach.



Our different columns:



© Land Rover


• Motors: Immersion into the world of engines. On the roads, at sea or in the air, our journalists find the essentials to surprise you and make you live in the fast lane of this world.



© Grace Santorini hotel


• Travels: Stories submerging you into dream places, advice for future destinations (where to be and what to do?), reports on the luxury hotel industry and its backstage, access to the most atypical destinations.



© A.Lange & Söhne - Boucheron


• Haute horlogerie/High jewelry: In houses of jewelry and watchmaking, our experts unveil the secrets of making the most beautiful pieces, inviting you to live the discovery of new collections in real time, taking you at the heart of the luxury actors’ lives.



© Valeria Dmitrienko


• Fashion & Style: Chronicles of fashion, confidences of creators met around a drink, live fashion shows and focus on fashion houses. Luxurydesign gives you a different approach to fashion with an expert eye which claims to be objective, precise and fresh.



© JAM Architects


• Architecture & design: Conversations with renowned architects and designers in development, questions about environmental construction and interior design, discovery of the most atypical and surprising apartments, immersion into the world of design: Luxurydesign and its journalists invite you to redefine “design and architecture” with them.



© T.Malty, M.Berenguer, B.Poirier, N.Buisson, T.Duval


• Gastronomy, liquor and culture: Accompanied with specialists (chefs, cellarmen etc), the LuxuryDesign reports advise you on the best restaurants and give you their tips. With renowned restaurants and international chefs, the arguments in this field will not fail to surprise you. As for culture, follow our lead to miss nothing or simply learn more about those who made or will make the news.






Co-founded by Michèle Sengsavang, Mickael Betremant and Franck Demaury, is a team of 15 journalists and reporters, 2 photographers and 3 translators travelling throughout the world to share excellence with you, a team who defines the word luxury in a different and original way.


Our contributors : Clément Deculty, David Claret, Pierrick Rakotoniaina, Laetitia Leymonerie, Emilie Materna, Sophie cusset, Maxime Landsheere, Elisabeth Provasi, Matthieu de Muizon, Andy bliss, Sarah Pryce, David Ngolle.




You too can take this chance to join us now in the community of LuxuryDesign!

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This campaign is for us the opportunity to show that people support our project. It is the starting point to encourage other internet users, individuals, professional or investors, to support us in the attainment of our objectives.


Dreams, surprises, pleasure and info, is the magazine which presents the most exclusives creations around the world. Dedicated to the luxury and design, our web magazine is offering you the pleasure of discovering the best of the best.

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Continuez, c'est mérité.
PAID! we hope it goes to the promised land !! All the very Best ! BTV.
PAID! I hope it goes to the promised land !! All the very Best ! BTV.