For the first time ever, this documentary film project will reveal the secrets of underwater fluorescent life. Unique and spectacular !


The project

This documentary film project will tell you an exceptional and unique story. For the first time in the history of photography, a French diver and underwater photographer has discovered the secret for taking multicolor underwater ultraviolet fluorescent images. During our film we will draw you into a new world that you've never seen, never even thought of, never even imagined, with stunning images, almost surreal, and yet very real. Our friend PH has been diving for 30 years in almost all of the oceans in search of a new way of showing us marine life. During those 30 years, he has secretly developed different techniques of taking underwater photographs with ultraviolet lights. Today, he has solved the main problems and is able to reveal to us the mysteries of nocturne underwater life in its magnificent fluorescence. This is a totally new world PH will present us. It is not only the green and yellow fluorescence that scientists have known of for almost a century, but rather underwater pictures with all the colors of the rainbow. The fluorescence is so amazing that the species (animals and plants) become surreal at night. The images are so spectacular that even the production of James Cameron has contacted him for collaboration on Avatar 2. Fluorescence was discovered more than a century ago in New Caledonia by mistake. Today, scientists use it regularly for their researches, but their lighting allows them to get only that green and yellow look for their work. PH is able to photograph all the colors by using a mixture of different filters and lighting. But PH’s photography is more than just innovative technique, it is about the order of aesthetics, beauty, emotion and discovery of new marine life behaviors. But all marine animals and plants may not have fluorescence.




This film will help us experience and, understand how and why some plants and animals glow and others not. This will lead us into the kingdom of fluorescence, to discover whether turtles, octopus but also the flora, and perhaps sharks have fluorescence. We have tested PH’s techniques and they work for filming in 2K, 4K and 3D, and we took some shots you can see in this presentation. These are the best moving images showing the full fluorescent spectrum. Until now, there has been no film showing nocturne fluorescent marine life with so many wonderful colors. That’s why we are proud to lead you into this fabulous and unique world. To make this film, we need highly specialized equipment: specific lighting, filters, and an underwater rebreathing apparatus to dive without making bubbles; and we require highly trained crew members to assist with the operations. We also need to develop a stabilization system for the housing of the camera, and a system for focusing at night as all the dives will be night dives. What a challenge, so many challenges I may say. We bring to your attention this amazing and unique film project hoping it will retain all your attention. Looking at these incredible pictures we have no doubt that you will help us making from these first shots a wonderful entertaining movie that will mark the history of cinema. We hope that these incredible images will help you understand the unique opportunity before you to help us turn this into a wonderful and entertaining IMAX film for millions to enjoy and to mark the history of cinema.  




Why fund it?

We need to make a trailer of the movie in 4K to convince further financial investors. For this, we will need € 7,500.





Patricia / Jean-Marie

Patricia : Je suis chef opératrice sous-marine, scaphandrier. Je passe le plus clair de mon temps sous-l'eau à observer la faune et la flore. Cela fait 18 ans que je plonge. je travaille pour la télévision, le cinéma et autre. Le film me permet de faire connaître au plus grand nombre cet environnement marin exceptionnel, qui aujourd'hui, est fortement... See more

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Un GRAND MERCI à ton équipe de nous faire rêver avec de si beaux reportages sous marins. Quel super projet. J'espère de tout cœur qu'il puisse aboutir car c'est une avancée pour la science et pour la technique des prises de vues sous marines. Au plaisir de partager une plongée dans cet univers si étrange. Le Pirate
Un très beau projet ! bravo et à très bient'eau Fabrice & Géraldine
En espérant bientôt voir sous une autre lumière la Beauté des fonds marins...Bravo pour l'innovation et bon courage pour la suite de cette belle aventure ! Je vous embrasse tous deux fraternellement.