Help us fund the creation of an entertainment center for our little angels!


The project


Children are a real wealth on this earth; happy and fulfilled.




Our beautiful little angels need to move, play, this contribute a lot to their awakening.




It is in this spirit that we would like to create an entertainment center for 3 to 6 years, to improve the lives of disadvantaged families in our neighborhood. Indeed we do not have lucrative centers or playgrounds, and we suffer from failure daycare. Families are forced to leave the kids at home and even in the summer period. They could have fun with their friends, under the supervision of appropriate persons.



Why fund it?


1- Local daycare Location: 1143.3 Euros

2- Purchase toys for children: 304.8 Euros

3- The materials for the garden: 236.2 Euros

4- Single beds and mattresses: 190.5 Euros

5- Story books and coloring: 76.2 Euros

6- Equipment for the kitchen and refectory: 304.8 Euros

7- Design on the wall of the lounge: 43.3 Euros

8- Kisskissbank: 200 Euros


Each additional Euro will help us to raise funds to purchase a mini bus to transport our little angels on various sites. This is to discover the treasures of the country.




We are a network of women friends, moving everywhere around the world, we'd like to improve the live of the communities in which we do live.