Goal n°1 has been reached, the first perfume made with plant extracts will be released! Help us launch the second scent!


The project

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Why fund it?

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HUYGENS creates, like an apothecary, aroma-therapeutic formulas to the customer's tastes and needs. From neutral bases, it is possible to compose a range of treatments - gel, cream, scrub, shampoo, oil ... - with the essential oils of your choice. HUYGENS doesn't just target beauty but overall well-being. Everything is made in France. For those in a... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ I would like to pre-order a perfume, can I choose the scent?

Yes. If we reach the goal to produce several scents of course you can choose the scent you prefer. Depending on your contribution you can even participate in the design.

+ For men of for women ?

The Huygens fragrances are conceived like those of yesteryear, based on plant extracts and floral water, and totally unisex.

+ When will I get my counterpart ?

We can not guarantee it 100% but we are planning the perfume to be ready in December 2016.
The gift cards will be available at the end of the crowdfunding.

+ How can I do more ?

Please share the KissKissBankBank page of our crowdfunding with friends and family ! :)

+ Qu'est-ce qui se passe si l'on n'atteint pas l'objectif ?

Pour garantir une contre-partie de qualité KKBB applique le principe "tout ou rien". Si l'on n'atteint pas l'objectif la collecte est annullée.

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Allez les boys - C'est flagranchement bien.
Bravo pour vos beaux projets !
J espere que le japon s est bien passé! Bon courage pour ce nouveau projet....et tous les autres. Bises. geraldine