Come aboard the Sziget Festi'van to discover a web-documentary that will show you what's happening behind the scenes of Sziget Festival


The project

Why coming on board with us?


- We want to create an ambulant artistic spacewhere we could meet, exchange and share. This space would be the Sziget Festi'van.

We will come in most of the french festivals where we will organize small events such as jam sessions, DJ sets, artistic exhibitions, challenges etc.


-  For a majority of people, Sziget represents on week of partying in Budpaest. But it is also a lot of work and preparation durung the rest of the year, and  this is what we want to show you.


Why we chose a Volkswagen van


- To be able to organize small events

- To stock the gifts we will bring you

- To be visible so that we can meet easily everywhere we go.

- To match Woodstock's spirit!


What about the web-documentary?


- The main aim of this project is to release a series of short videos in which you will discover interviews, reports and recordings of the events organized at the Sziget Festi'van.


- We want this web-documentary to be interactive so we will be in touch with you through social networks, and you will be able to choose what events and what challenges will be set up at the Sziget Festi'van.

Why fund it?

What are we going to do with the money?


1500€ to rent video equipment (steadycam camera, batttery sets caméra, tripod, GoPro).

500€ to rent sound equipment.

700€ to fix and adjust the mini van.

300€ of contributions for KissKissBankBank


As regards the purchase of the van (we cannot rent it because of the transformations we will bring to it), we are currently negociating partnerships and grants.

Sziget Festi'van

Nous sommes deux étudiants respectivement en master communication-culturelle et audiovisuel domiciliés sur Paris et passionnés par les festivals musicaux. C'est suite à notre participation à l'édition 2013 du Sziget Festival que notre projet a germé. Après avoir visionné plusieurs reportages sur le plus gros festival open air d'Europe, nous avons... See more

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