A documentary about the Impenetrable Chaco (North of Argentina) and the dangers that threaten its ecosystem and ancestral people


The project

Our project : to film a documentary in the Impenetrable Chaco, a virgin region in the North of Argentina, that is well named : misterious, and very difficult to access. It is inhabited by aborigen groups, isolated from the world by elements and vegetation.




Our guide : Ashko Iana, a quechua indian who was born in the Impenetrable. Ashko's story is crossed by the same tragedies that … his region : deforestation, human trafficking...


Ashko knows this unique ecosystem, down to the last plant and insect. He used to live in the very heart of the forest, until the day the bulldozers came to destroyed it.

Panicked and cornered, Ashko jumped in the truck that was taking the trees away, without being seen. He had never before left the region, nor had he learned how to read yet, and only spoke quichua, the tongue of his people.


The truck took Asho and the dead trees to Buenos Aires' region, where he was discovered, beaten, and taken to a clandestine leather factory, to be one of a dozen slaves, working day and night.


After months of captivity, Ashko could run, and discovered the big nearby city of Buenos Aires. This is where I met him, and spoke to him for the first time. That is where I heard his story, and discovered that such stories happen everyday, thousand of kilometers away from Buenos Aires, in the silence and in the dark.




The ecosystem of the Impenetrable loses ground everyday to soy fields. The aborigen people who live there in extreme poverty, are removed, discriminated, and sometimes reduced to slavery without anyone listening to their calls. Too far away, too isolated from the cybernetic waves, these waves that today allow us to ask for your help.


Your help, to tell Ashko's story.

Your help to transmit a bit of his knowledge, the knowledge of nature and men.

Your help to show the natural and human marvels of the Impenetrable, that are in danger today.



Why fund it?

Our collection will finance the filming of our documentary in the Impenetrable. It will take place in July 2013. The collection will then allow us to present the documentary to the public at the end of 2013 (free downloading on the internet, and in some solidary cinemas in France and Argentina).


Our budget of 1200 € is composed by the following :


- location of a van, for the journey from Buenos Aires to the Impenetrable and the onsite travels (700 €)

- gas (130 €)

- meals for the filming team during the journey (120 €)

- accomodation for the filming team during the journey (150 €).

- KKBB's commission.


The filming team will be composed by 4 persons, all volunteers :


Ashko Iana - guide and central figure of the film

Fanny Girard - logistics and production

Santiago Bozzone - direction, camera, post-production

Jeronimo Farias - assistant to the filming and post-production.




The accomodation represents a very small proportion of the budget, due to the fact that the filming team will be hosted by local persons or camping in the Impenetrable, always in the greatest respect of the environment.


The filming equipments (cameras, microphones, post-production equipment...) have already been gathered and insured by the volunteers.  


My name in Fanny Girard. Three years ago, I embarked with a few friends on an adventure called CaravanArte. Je m'appelle Fanny Girard. CaravanArte is an NGO, created by a team of young french and argentinean artists. Its goals is to foment the access to arts and culture in less developped regions of Latin-America. In numerous developping regions,... See more

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belle initiative, j'ai hâte de voir le résultat!
bonjour Fanny, Ashko et toute l'équipe, votre projet est comme une chenille posée sur l'herbe : bientôt la chrysalide s'ouvrira, le paillon s'envolera et retrouvera sa vraie nature. Courage ! vous y êtes presque ! mon coeur vous accompagne... Ola Ashko ! tu sonrisa esta como una mariposa sobre mi corazon. Gracias por el Sol de tus ojos. gratitud. Eloha/ Inès
Belle aventure humaine !!! Persévèrez!