Be the sponsors of our project created for children. Help us to enable them to discover the extraordinary universe of Leonardo da Vinci.


The project

Leonardo is the inspiration for the show: his life and artistic work, seen in historicalcontext. We have set ourselves an ambitious challenge - to evoke a visionary genius! 




Our intention is not to describe his life, but to pay homage. The show invites its audience on a journey into the fifteenth-century world of the Italian Renaissance. On stage there are three dancers. Three characters. But who are they?



Perhaps they are three muses, hovering in the air of the master’s studio. With humour and ingenuity they take us on a poetic yet mischievous exploration into his creative processes: involving research, play, imagination and truth. This highly visual show will take us through one day in Leonardo’s  bottega.





To introduce children to Leonardo da Vinci is to open up for them a unique artistic universe. Our aspiration is to evoke for them the scope of his genius through the medium of dance.

" All ideas begin with emotions " Leonardo da Vinci  

Casting:  Choreography: Alex Sander dos Santos Dancers: Luciana Dariano, Danila Massara and Gudrun Skamletz Set Design, Costumes and Props: LaboratoArt Design assistant : Akiko Veaux

The show is currently in development / rehearsal at the CND (National Centre forDance) in Paris. The first performance will be on February 5th, 2015, as part of the 2014-2015 season of the Cultural Forum of Chauny, Aisne.






Why fund it?

" I never grow tired of being useful. " Leonardo da Vinci


In order for this show to come about we are seeking a revival of the Renaissancetradition of patronage. To complete the creation of this work - bringing our dreams to reality - our company needs your financial support. 


The production budget for the show is approximately to 25.000 euros.

In this plea for funds we’re looking to finance a large part of: - The materials and equipment for the set, props and the costumes (1000 €)

- The materials and equipment to run workshops with the children (70€) - Set design (2000 €) - Costume design(1250 €) - Lighting design (1000 €) - The production of a video of the show (850 €)  


The patron: a grand old tradition, a contemporary necessity.

THANK YOU hugely in advance for your support!


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