Participate along with publishers LE BEC EN L’AIR in the publication of my book THE ABSENTEES. We need YOU to complete this project! THANK YOU


The project

THE ABSENTEES, a photographic project  about the memory of a conflict.


These photographs show the remains of Arab villages  which were depopulated during the first Arab-Israeli war. In 1948, the creation of the State of Israel triggered this conflict which caused the exodus of approximately 700,000 Palestinians to neighboring countries. Afterwards, the refugees were not allowed to return to their homes. Today, the number of Palestinian refugees and their descendants is estimated to be 5 million, many of whom are still living in the original refugee camps. Their claim to the right to return has always been a major point of contention between Palestinians and Israelis.




For over three years, I searched for and photographed the remains or traces of the some of the roughly 500 villages which were depopulated and sometimes destroyed during the 1948 war.


These photographs are a journey through the past, a testimony to a key moment in the history of the region, the consequences of which are at the heart of our daily news.



Recording on film traces of Palestinian memory was my way of showing and explaining the 1948 exodus . After many exhibitions, which are necessarily ephemeral, the publication of the book THE ABSENTEES will testify in an other way and help this memory live on.


Thanks to your participation, the project THE ABSENTEES, which has taken up much of my time and energy in recent years, will finally be able to exist in a sustainable way through this book .




Elias Sanbar wrote a piece for this book. This exceptional writer is the author of numerous novels and essays including The absentees property, Actes Sud, 2001. Elias Sanbar is UNESCO's Palestinian Ambassador.    



This crowdfunding will enable this book to be completed with LE BEC EN L'AIR.



Size : 25/23 cm. Hardcover. 114 pages. 44 color photographs. Maps. Text written by Elias Sanbar. French English.



Winner of the Fonds d’aide à la photographie contemporaine du Centre national des arts plastiques.

Roger Pic Award 2013 - Societé Civile des Auteurs Multimédia

Neuflize Vie Award 2015.


PAST Exhibitions

Festival Circulation(S) - 2014 - Paris.

Mois de la Photographie - 2014 - Paris.

Les Photographiques - 2015 - Le Mans.

Al-ma'mal Fondation - 2015 - Jerusalem.

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center - 2015 - Ramallah.

Institut Français - 2015 - Gaza.


NEXT exhibition:  September 15  to October 16 - Festival ManifestO - Toulouse, France.

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Why fund it?

The budget for the book THE ABSENTEES is 16,000 euros.


LE BEC EN L'AIR publishers will provide half of all production costs: translation in English, graphic design and reproduction. The  8000 euros I may get through you will fund book printing and scanning images.


• The dummy, with graphic design by Fabien Vidotto, will be presented in June 2016.

• The book LES ABSENTS will be published in September 2016. 




Bruno Fert

When he was 12, Bruno Fert lost the precious photo albums that his grandmother had entrusted him with: no more family photos! Since then, he has been traveling the world, photographing its inhabitants. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts and in the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Sciences ans Arts in New York. Bruno Fert looks to reveal... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Quand le Livre LES ABSENTS sera-t-il disponible ?

Le livre LES ABSENTS sortira en septembre 2016.

+ Où en est la fabrication du livre LES ABSENTS ?

Le choix et la numérisation des images sont terminés.
La conception graphique est achevée.
Les textes arriveront chez l’éditeur en juin 2016.
Les traductions et l'impression se feront au cours de l'été 2016.

+ Qui est l'éditeur du livre LES ABSENTS ?

Les Éditions Le bec en l'air à Marseille

+ Qui est l'auteur des textes qui accompagnent les photographies ?

Elias Sanbar, écrivain et Ambassadeur de Palestine à L'UNESCO.

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Bonjour, J'ai un mail qui me promet le livre LES ABSENTS pour lequel j'ai cotisé mais je ne l'ai toujours pas reçu ( 3-8-2016). R;Saublains 22 rue Louthe 7110 Houdeng- be -- Merci de donner suite. R S
Hâte de l'avoir entre les mains, ce livre!:)
ça y est Bruno! Mais j'espère qd même, et je suis sûre, que ta mère a cliqué sur le lien pour t'acheter un livre! J'aurais bien pris l'option tirage, mais je ne suis pas en fonds en ce moment. Des bises!