Get on board for the adventures of the little postal train... Help it to send its animated cards!


The project

The Adventures of the Little Postal Train is a new form of postcards with the most delightful combination of paper and digital design.


There are 25 cut-out parts in the box which offer an infinite number of possible combinations.  Among these are some special ones which come alive with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.

















How does it work?


1.  Compose your landscape with the cut-out parts attached by the brass paper fastener.




2.  Download the free application of "the postal train".




3.  Surprise!  The animated picture comes alive!




4.  Write your message on the back of the card.




5.  Put it in the envelope and send it by post!




Your friend will receive your envelope with instructions on downloading the free application and be able to see your postcard come to life!  


Of course, it is a wonderful game for young and young-at-heart alike who will be enchanted by the animated landscapes!








Some technical information!










Personalised cards!


In addition to The Adventures of the Little Postal Train, it is possible to order your own personalised cards for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, birth announcements etc.


This personalised version will happen in 3 steps:

Step 1: 

You send me your references in terms of landscape or décor your wish to have your design based on, your preferred colors, what you wish to put in the animated images, and a message to communicate.

Step 2:

I will send you an animation storyboard.

Step 3:

At this stage, you can ask for a modification if something bothers you.


Here is an example of a personalised card created for Lilia and Diego. They will be getting married very soon and would like 100 cards to thank their guests at the end of their wedding party.  These cards will be put on the dinner tables.






Who am I?


My name is Julie Stephen Chheng and I am a graphic designer.  I experiment with paper, book design and new technologies to create new ways of storytelling!






How did The Adventures of the Little Postal Train start?


Each year, I make season's greetings postcards for my family and close friends.




For my card this year, I cut out all kinds of forms in fluorescent paper and made a hundred landscapes sending them to my entourage all over the world.




From this, I wanted to share these greeting cards to a larger public in adding little animated surprises!


Why fund it?

How will the collected funds be used?


I would like to start a collection of animated cards which The Adventures of the Little Postal Train would be the first creation.  Upcoming creations would explore the themes of the zoo, cities, or historical events.  In order to reach this goal, I need 5000 euros to launch this fabrication of the first 300 copies of The Adventures of the Little Postal Train.


I was able to absorb the costs of graphic design and illustration for this project, but I still need to bear the costs of animation creation and digital development of the cards.  Thanks to your contribution, I will be able to create the digital part of the project !





Timeframe of the project from now to your mailbox !



Julie Stephen Chheng

Julie Stephen Chheng is a graphic designer and author of books.  For several years she has been exploring creative designs in paper, books and new technologies.  Several of her creations have been published, including "Poèmes en Pièces", "The Adventures of a Village", "Labyrinthe" and "Les Dépliables".  She is currently working on "La Pluie à Midi", a...

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Bonjour Tooomaaa, Merci pour vos encouragements, alors en terme de cartes animées, vous pouvez en faire jusqu'à 4. La dernière carte sera faite des éléments restants, donc il est fort probable que ce soit une carte simple! Et oui, toutes les boîtes sont les mêmes!
Bonjour, Merci beaucoup, ravi d'avoir reçu la boîte et d'avoir pu tester les différentes animations ! Beau travail, bravo !!! J'ai une interrogation, est-ce que toutes les boites sont les mêmes? Et combien de combinaisons animées peut-on faire ? J'aurais aimé envoyé 5 cartes postales animées (ou au moins 4) mais j'ai l'impression que ce n'est pas possible avec les éléments dont je dispose ? D'avance merci pour la réponse.
Yes it would be definitively ready for Christmas! Max the end of the month for people very far away :) Thanks again so much :)