Help us to film a documentary that questions the identity of France through the eyes of young American leaders. What about French dream ?


The project




A documentary by Rokhaya Diallo













Ten Americans travel to France for a week, so that they get an opinion of the country of Human Rights, from the Palais de l’Elysée to the “suburbs”. Two hundred years after Tocqueville, the American group will follow the path of the theorist, in reverse. How do they perceive the disagreements that liven up France? Their meeting with young French, visits of institutions and various discussions in both sides of the Atlantic, will show the situation of France through the eyes of young American leaders. Influenced by non-violent action of Martin Luther King, the “March for Equality and against racism”, called March of “Beurs" by the Medias, took place in Paris thirty years ago. What do they know about it? What is its legacy today? The famous American dream seems impossible in France. What about French dream  ? The film will reveal the opinion of the young generations of French and American about those historical victories.   









A documentary that questions the identity of France through the eyes of young American leaders. Their meetings throughout the travel highlight the situation of French youth and its specific issues, like recognition and identity. 





The camera follows the young Americans leaders discovering France. What about the French Dream ?








The program includes meetings with young people involved in Cergy (95) and Clichy-sous-Bois (93) and the discovery of what is called "the suburbs."


The group will visit the First Lady Valérie Trierweiler, the Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, or "The City of Cinema", created by Luc Besson (93) Saint-Denis. It will also be filmed during dinners and relaxing moments.


Coming from different backgrounds, how Janaye, Christopher and Tina are going to live this adventure? Will they be amused, amazed or even puzzled by the French universe? Also, each of them will carry a vision and a specific about the comparison points France / USA .






With The Marches for Freedom, we want to tell the buried story of our eldest, who walked for republican freedom for them and the next generations, still trying to put into practise these values. 


In this year of double anniversary of the historical march, I wanted to launch this documentary project which focuses on the point of view of young professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. 







" Understand others, share their vision, this is the vocation of The Marches for Freedom, a committed documentary. I like the impertinence of Rokhaya Diallo and her natural way to broach a subject. I know that with our movie, we can touch many people and launch the debate. Meeting initiates dialogue and creates new ideas, that's the way changes can take place. "



Laurence Lascary, Producer

De l'Autre Côté du Périph' 

Why fund it?

Your donations will help us to film the second part of the documentary in better conditions. Thanks to you, we can go to Washington DC to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historical march. On August 24th, historical civil rights organizations in Washington DC organize another march: we will be here to film ! Thank you for your generous donations. 


Only 5 days left for the fundraising !


With your donations, we will be able to finance a part of the postproduction, and begin to edit the film. It will also help us to buy the expensive archives that we need.


I count on you who are sensitive to issues for which I am committed to support this film that give voice to those who are too often denied.  


Rokhaya Diallo


Rokhaya Diallo is a journalist and author. In 2007, she co-founded the association's Les Indivisibles, whose aim is to deconstruct, especially through humor, ethnoracial prejudice. Since 2011, she hosted and co-wrote the documentary magazine Egaux Mais Pas Trop ("Equal but not too much”) on LCP-AN / The Parliamentary Channel. Commentator on Canal +,... See more

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"The paradox of education is precisely this - that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated." James A. Baldwin Courage et Force Rokhaya c'est un très beau projet !! Keira.
Super idée, on attend le film maintenant :-)
Super idée, on attend le film maintenant :-)