Antoine, a young active worker and sports enthusiast had his motorcycle accident at 20. It was on 2004 and he is in a wheelchair since then.


The project

Same wings for all


Antoine, a young active worker and sports enthusiast had his motorcycle accident at 20. It was on 2004 and he is in a wheelchair since then. Being a paralytic at such age is an ordeal, requiring a lot of optimism and will to overcome.


Today Antoine is a volunteer flight instructor in a gliding flying club near Paris. He's a passionate pilot who passes not only his knowledge but his dynamism and his optimism to his students.




The transition between those two events is a fabulous story. There were impediments and opportunities for discouragement, but at the end Antoine succeeded to realise a childhood dream : to fly.


But what is important today is to take advantage of Antoine's experience, and help others in a similar situation so they can enjoy their life again, and realize that the accident is not an end but only a new beginning.


About the project initiator


Name: Centre Aéronautique de Beynes 

Business identification #: 30303259300012

Status: non profit organization under French non profit act 

Approval: department of youth and sports # 785264 

Location: Beynes, Yvelines, France.

Purpose: This is a glider flying club located on an airfield established on 1930

Affiliation: FFVV

Why fund it?

The "Centre Aéronautique de Beynes" flying club, where Antoine teaches, initiated a program in order to equip gliders for disabled persons like him so they can experiment the magic of flight. We bought special equipments when they were available. We made them when they didn't exist. All we need now is a highly efficient two seater glider to allow them to pursue a pilot career just the same way everybody does.


For this purpose we decided to buy a modern glider with a turbo engine embedded and specially equipped for disabled pilots. This project is now happening thanks to private and public sponsors.


And now you can become one of our sponsors and help us to fund this fantastic project.


About the glider


The glider we are about to buy is a Duo Discus XLT. It's a two seater embedded with a retractable engine which can be used when needed, so the crew can return to the airfield when the weather conditions doesn't allow to glide any more.




The total budget is around 193 000 €


About the funding


We are short about approximately 41 000 € to get the budget together. We will have to get a bank loan, thus becoming indebted. But by supporting our project you can help us to reduce our indebtedness.


The "Centre Aéronautique de Beynes" is a gliding flying club located near Paris, in Beynes (Yvelines), France. It's a historical airfield where gliders fly since 1930.

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Voilà pour faire un compte rond :-) Félicitations et merci à toi René pour ton idée de financement participatif et pour tes actions qui ont permis d'aboutir avec succès.
je suis très heureuse pour vous que vous puissiez réaliser votre projet !!! cela me donne espoir de nouveau pour le mien pour lequel il reste 13j et qui a atteind 47% à ce jour. Il rejoint votre passion et s'appelle "lancer donne des ailes". Je sais ce que c'est d'être au milieu des nuages et de voir le monde d'en haut. Alors permettez moi de vous féliciter et de vous souhaiter de très bons vols. Au plaisir !!!! Amicalement
Dernière ligne droite, mais le MacCready a l'air en forme ! Amicalement, Emmanuel A&P