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The project

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Thanks a lot, our target is achieved!

En route for new goals: the campaign continues and here's what we hope to do with the extra money collected.

First 1000€ extra for a professional photoshoot.



1. The project


New CD recording by Brussels Baroque orchestra Les Muffatti and soprano Hasnaa Bennani with selected operatic-arias from Georg Friedrich Händel, written for Francesca Cuzzoni (1696-1778)


2. Francesca Cuzzoni, "Little Syrene of the stage"


By all accounts Francesca Cuzzoni was short, squat, and hardly a proverbial beauty. Her acting was indifferent, her dress sense poor, and playing the diva was a temptation she could never quite resist. But as soon as she began to sing, her wonderful voice, flawless intonation, and exquisite taste went straight to her audience’s heart. And that was how, on the 12th of January 1723, aged 26, the young soprano from Parma won the undying love of London’s opera-goers with her performance in the première of Handel’s Ottone.


3. The musicians


Hasnaa Bennani, soprano




Moroccan soprano, Hasnaa Bennani started her musical upbringing with her sister Jalila Bennani and her violin teacher Laszlo Fodor. A graduate of the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSMDP), where she studied voice in the class of Glenn Chambers, perfecting her skills regarding early music.


In 2011, Hasnaa Bennani won the first prize at the Concours de Chant Baroque de Froville (France).

She excels in the sacred Baroque music repertoire, especially with La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy (J.C. Malgoire), le Poème Harmonique (V. Dumestre), Les Musiciens du Louvre (M. Minkowski), Les Talens Lyriques (C. Rousset), Les Muffatti (P. Van Heyghen), Le Concert Spirituel (H. Niquet), Le Palais royal (J.P Sarcos), la Rêveuse (B. Perrot), Les Ambassadeurs (A. Kossenko), Akademia (F. Lasserre)…


Among many projects, Hasnaa Bennani will sing Belinda in Dido & Aeneas by Purcell with Jean-Claude Malgoire, and Oberto in Haendel's Alcina with Accademia Bizantina directed by Ottavio Dantone.




Hasnaa Bennani and Les Muffatti, Recorded Live in AMUZ (Antwerp) - November 18th 2012

Niccolò Jommelli (1714-1774), Didone abbandonata, cantata for soprano, strings and basso continuo




Peter Van Heyghen, musical direction



Peter Van Heyghen was trained as a recorder player and singer at the Royal Conservatory in Gent (Belgium). Through the years he developed into an internationally acknowledged specialist in the field of historical performance practice of both Renaissance and Baroque music. He performs worldwide as a soloist, with the recorder consort Mezzaluna, with the chamber music ensemble More Maiorum, as the co-director of the Dutch vocal Renaissance ensemble Cappella Pratensis and as the conductor and artistic director of the Brussels Baroque orchestra Les Muffatti. He is a regularly invited guest at the early music festivals of Bruges, Antwerp, Utrecht, and St.Petersburg, among others.

Peter Van Heyghen is also active as a researcher, writer and teacher. He is professor of Historical Performance Practice at the Early Music Departments of the Royal Conservatories in Brussels and The Hague, and is also regularly invited to give masterclasses, lectures and conduct workshops throughout the world.  


The Brussels Baroque orchestra, Les Muffatti


Violins I: Rachael Beesley , Marie Haag, Catherine Meeùs, Madoka Nakamaru 

Violins II: Benedicte Verbeek, Ingrid Bourgeois, Laurent Hulsbosch, Marrie Mooij 

Violas: Wendy Ruymen, Julie Vermeulen 

Cellos: Corentin Dellicour, Michel Boulanger

Double bass: Elise Christiaens

Horn: Lionel Renoux, Yannick Maillet 

Transvers flute: Stefanie Troffaes 

Flutes: Stefanie Troffaes, Thomas Deprez 

Hobo: Benoît Laurent, Stefaan Verdegem 

Bassoon: Alain De Rijckere 

Harpsichord: Kris Verhelst

Theorbo: Bernard Zonderman


4. The Label




The RAMÉE label was founded in 2004 by Rainer Arndt. In only four years, RAMÉE has established itself as a greatly respected label on the Early Music scene. Many releases from its limited catalogue have been highly acclaimed by public and press alike, several receiving numerous awards. Each year sees the production of only six to eight recordings, featuring »hand-picked«, quality repertoire seldom or never-before recorded, or more well-known works in new and exceptional interpretations.


5. Les Muffatti: Awards


Logodiapason-1423134601 Logogoldberg-1423134629 Logofonoforum-1423134652 Logomusica-1423134663 Logorecomendado-1423134680 Logotoccata-1423134707


On january 31th, Les Muffatti won "Best recording of 2014" from the belgian radio Klara for our "Brockes-Passion" recording.



Why fund it?

The artists' fees and costs of boarding and reception during the recording are taken care of by Les Muffatti, financed by the association as well as subsidies from the Wallonie-Brussels Federation and the Flemish Community.


Other costs:

recording: 2000€

editing: 3000€

rent of the church (recording location): 2000€

pressing of 3000 copies: 1250€

production of a booklet: 6950€

promotion: 1500€

administrative costs and fees: 1000€

purchase of CD's: 5000€


The sum of that amounts to € 22,700, of which € 17,700 are supported by the Ramee label. We therefore need to collect € 5,000.


If your enthusiasm allows us to raise more than that amount, be assured that it will be well used. Our website is in dire need of refreshment.


Les Muffatti

Les Muffatti came into being to satisfy the need felt by several young Brussels musicians — with an eye to performing Baroque orchestral repertoire — to establish a professional working environment where the basic pleasure of music-making, the refinement of skills, and the investigation of content could be equably combined. Their enthusiasm, application... See more

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