Carry out with us this audiophonic work ! Swing, humor, boldness & poetry will guide us through the way…


The project

100 % :) ! A thousand thanks  Ô Wonderful Public !


We reached the aim and your future contribution will be wisely used,  be sure of it ! We are preparing a lot of surprises for the release party ^^ !!! If by any miracle we reach 150%, let's make a video ! BAM !! We have been dreaming this for too long... we just have TOO MANY stupid ideas to film :D !!



What ever happens, we just thank all of you <3




Five musicians.

Loving each others.

Playing with passion and complicity.  

Spectacular concert or musical show?

This is a subject of tough discussions in the salons. Every public would agree one thing yet: 

« les Rois du Macadam, it is brilliant. It is beautiful. It makes you feel good. »






What is this?



Les Rois du Macadam adapt and play some old french songs, inspired from early american jazz, tango, musette or even « chanson réaliste »  - with humour and poetry. We must admit it: they adore those oldish tunes. Those are like a fantastic treasure found in grand dad’s apartment. You clean it, take care of it and then realize that it swings ! It is fun ! It is moving ! It is gorgeous ! Bam ! You just want to share it with the whole world !



Listen here





Vocals & accordions:

the delightful Galinette (alias Marie-Eve) & the gorgeous Fanette (alias Fanny)




A little souvenir from a tour :






A small extract of a gig at the « Café de la Rue » in Brussel :







A disc ? Really ?



Les Rois du Macadam had been travelling and playing for years, wandering their moustaches and braces in every pub, street art festival or cosy venue around. Never did they just think of recording their music!



Indeed, none but the wonderful audience had insisted so many times that they could not decline any longer: « Let’s put this groove on microgrooves ! » they claimed. They roll up their sleeves. They sweat. They suffer. They are exhausted. The concentration is intense. The work is huge.





Ukulele & banjolele : Sir Thiburge alias Alexandre




Gosh ! but… How ?



It surely ain't an easy task. First, you gotta find a nice talented guy to record, second a smart one to draw the album art and cover, then another one to manufacture the discs… And after all, find the way to pay all that stuff! Gasp.

« We must ask some generous contributors for a financial help. Oh, yes, definitely, we must! And prepare lovely gifts to thank them. Perfect ! Zou ! Let’s do that ! ».




Double bass : Marcel Bretelles alias Fred





To learn more about us, visit our website:


To keep informed of the latest news, follow us on our Facebook page:


Merci ! Les Rois du Macadam thanks you cordially for your interest.

See you soon, on air or on stage !





Vocal & percussions: Hector dit Léon-la-plume alias Eric




Video credits: Manuela Simonne

Photo credits: Maïlis Snoeck

Illustration credits: Fifi


Why fund it?

Here is a detailed budget :



Pressing of 500 CD & 300 vinyls 1400€

Printings 200€

Design and illustrations 400€

Album covers 350€

Royalties 640€

Rewards, gifts and delivery costs 630€

Sub-total: 3620€

Administrative costs of the platform 289€


=> Total: 3910€




Recording and mastering are already partly financed. We know appeal to your generosity to make this pretty work come true.



What if we collect more? By Jove ! We will not call it quits !

During the celebration release party of this album, we will arrange more and more surprises for you…

And if the total reaches a royal strike, we even plan to film a brand new video! With brand new costumes!

Even then, we do not dare to tell you all we can imagine.



les Rois du Macadam

"Chanson réaliste, swing , bretelles et grivoiseries..." Swing, songs & sauciness ! With Les Rois du Macadam, your roof and your heart are on fire ! This belgian quintet from Liège takes great delight in playing old french songs restyling those with humor, poetry and boldness. Les Rois du Macadam vont enflammer votre guinguette ! Ce quintet belge... See more

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Impatients de recevoir et d'écouter votre disque. Cela a l'air bien parti! Andrea et son papa
Viva Pedro et Eric et les autres qui sont certainement aussi des gens biens. Des grosses grosses baises
Buona fortuna, Les Rois du Macadam !