People say: “This Place could tell stories”. But those stories are unknown as there are not able to talk to us. Let us change this!


The project

The idea for “Lié - Endroits préférés” ("Connected - Favorite places”) was born in November 2013.  

People say: “This Place could tell stories”. But those stories are unknown as there are not able to talk to us.  


With my cross-media-project we will explore the favorite places of persons and explore the linked history between them. My Team and I document this connection on film and through a photo shoot on the spot.  


My mean focus is on locations that are not known as “hot-spot” or Persons recognized as “Very important Person”. I try to show spots we passing by without too much of attention, as well people who can be found on this place but we usually don’t notice them.   


The person will be our guide and explain with his words the history between the place and his experience. We enter in his universe and have a closer look to the shown location and our Guide.  



The Target of the project:


Create living history packed in wonderful images, as well as to document and show stories from people for people, citizens for citizens, locals for tourists, ….   


I see my project as well as from a social point of interest, since the different generations and media are merged. This is also reflected in our team of volunteers. We explore together cross-generational history and technology.  


The Output for each Episode:


On first position a filmed documentation in FullHD and letterbox version format cinemascope.Videoformat_000

Second will be a Photo-book. This shows the discovered places as well as the host portrayed in images and written explanations. Photobook

Third results are “making of” Videos and tutorials. We present the material we have used for the shootings, as well as our Team. Mao_videos

And last but not least our internet-site, blog and social-network postings to get or stay in contact to our Guides/Actors and our supporters.Internet


Each Episode will be showing within 45 minutes different hosts in one region, town or location.



I have started in November & December 2013 with the research. After some test shootings my team and I will in the middle of February begin to produce the first scenes. First broadcasts are expected for December 2014. Teaser and preview-links will be shared with our sponsors right after the shootings.


The Team:


My name is Florian Waas. I’m the founder of the project. My big passion is photography and filming. The results are published under the label The project “Lié – Endroits Préférés” combines my passions. I will take the ownership and coordination for all processes during the shootings.Thats_me


My team will be built with volunteers, who are also passionate film-makers and support the project with their ideas, helping hands and experiences. As the members are changing during the episodes, we will show there vita on our Internet-site as well as here in the news-section.

Why fund it?

Crowd founding target:


I hope you like and support this project and the spirit behind.


I have decided to buy the equipment and not to rent it. This allows us to be more flexible during the shootings and to use it for further projects and episodes.


Additional we have calculated the following costs we would like to cover with this crowdfunding:




The sum of 7.500 EUR help us to produce the first episodes.

Every sum higher (who knows?!) will help to add value to the project like: 


- professional Film-Cut

- Broadcasting licenses

- Sound-Design

- Graphic-Design

- Professional Photo-book print & layout  


Any kind of help from you is welcome.


So do not hesitate to send us contacts, transfer this collect around you, transmit it to any person who seeks to support this idea.


If you are interested to work in a way or another for this project, please contact me:  


For your donation, we thank you with the following giveaways:



I have not followed up by a 14-day internship to become a professional photograph. I decided to keep it as hobby Because now the exhortation from friends, colleagues and business circle I would also like to propose my creativity to others. My skills I have thus learned through "learning by doing". I am always open to criticism and feedback that brings... See more

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Florian, tu as véritablement la fibre artistique, et j'ai vraiment envie de t'aider à développer la créativité qui est en toi... Bonne chance dans ton projet... André.
Let's bring it forward :)