LIFT is a young Franco-Belgian modern jazz quintet. Support LIFT's debut album, 1st Floor !


The project

Help us finalize LIFT's album !


LIFT : Emily Allison (vocals), Thomas Mayade (flugelhorn), Dorian Dumont (piano), Lennart Heyndels (doublebass), Jérôme Klein (drums).




Dear friends,


As many of you already know, we recorded our debut album -1st Floor- at Studio de Meudon in July 2012 with the help of sound engineer -aka The Magician- Cyril Coutand. We are also very lucky to feature three amazing musicians on the album : David Linx, Christophe Panzani and Sandrine Marchetti. This winter, the recording was sent to the very talented Nelson Carvalho (Lisbon) to be mixed, and around April, Raphael Jonin, one of the very few gifted master-engineers in France, worked on the mastering of the album, marking the end of the artistic production.


For this debut album, one of our priorities was to record our compositions in the best possible way in order to give a project which is close to our heart its best chance. You'll no doubt  understand that such a decision implies a considerable investment. Until now, the entire project has been self-financed apart from a smallgrant from Wallonie-Bruxelles.


The last step to be financed is the actual production of the album (pressing, design) as well as the promotion (press attaché). That's why we need your help. Your support will mean that this project will finally be completed!


Releasing the album will take us to the next level where we can start winning over  programmers, the public, and the media - all the essential contacts for success in music!


We are very proud of the result and look forward to sharing our work with all of you. Our goal is to release the album in autumn 2013 and we hope to celebrate it with you very soon!


Kind regards,


Emily & Thomas


For more on LIFT, check out our website


A few pictures of our recording at Studio de Meudon :



Le magicien, Cyril Coutand aux commandes.



Ecoute des prises avec David et Cyril.



The one and only, David Linx !



Dorian Dumont, au (superbe) Steinway de Meudon.



Thomas Mayade, bugle.



The great Lennart Heyndels!



Emily Allison, chant.



Le grand(!) Jérôme Klein.



Notre chère Sandrine Marchetti, invitée sur sa composition.



Christophe Panzani, getting ready !



LIFT, enjoying the very cosy studio de Meudon, with guest Sandrine Marchetti.

Why fund it?

We will use the funds for :


-the production of the album (pressing, design) in 1000 copies.

-the SDRM (copyright)

-a part of the funds will help us finance a press attaché


LIFT est créé en été 2010 lorsque la chanteuse Emily ALLISON et le trompettiste Thomas MAYADE décident de collaborer sur un projet original autour duquel s’articulent la voix et le bugle. Leurs influences (Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider, Diederik Wissels, David Linx, Norma Winstone...) ainsi que le son de leurs timbres respectifs donnera ce sentiment... See more

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Hâte d'entendre ça!! Bises, Anthony
En attendant la finalité... Bon vent à vous et Bravo !!!
Très fière de voir ce projet avancer, et de pouvoir dire qu'un jour on a fait de la musique ensemble :-) J'ai hâte d'écouter le résultat !!! Bonne route à vous et plein de bisous, Séverine