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The project



LIMO is the name of the publishing company, the name of the book, and it deals with limousines! Makes sense. A study on this engine that floats within pop culture and between luxury, show-off and voluptuousness.


Behind this first frivolous intent, the goal is also to paint another image of the art of graffiti than the binary one it has had: "ghetto" for those who did on the sly, "artsy" for those belonging to the street art movement. 

Far from this binary quandary, the graffiti is also its own form of expression, absent any political stances, leaving an ephemeral trail in a variety of public spaces and representing a willingness to explore new plastic or narrative terrains.


Those are values that we share and that fueled the commitment to produce our first book.



What about the engine?


From Paris to Buenos Aires stopping by Barcelona, 32 creators are officially invited by LIMO to share their transversal skills of image and drawing:

Between orders and artistic projects they will express themselves on a piece a paper, a canvas, outdoor on walls. They try to go beyond the format to offer surprising images.


Around the"limousine" theme, they have produced 3 graphic works:

A black and white drawing of a limousine each car was sketched with those formal constraints.

A "on the road" logo inspired by the automotive world. Next to this commissioned work they have produced a photograph (in landscape format) of a mural painting with no limitations in its technique, narration and format.

Through an "invitation au voyage" where luxury, contemporary graffiti and murals compete in a wild race, Limo intends to shed light on the world of these versatile artists.





What about the body?


Small format (15.5 x 22 cm) but lots of pages: 192. Using of three different types of paper by Fredigoni  Otabind ® hardcover for a smooth opening. Leatherette cover with flaps (14 cm) so you'll feel comfortable hands on the wheel The text will be written in Kreuz by Large And it will all be wonderfully printed by the Italian Musumeci.


We have passed the technical test with flying colors, haven't we?

With a print-run of 800 copies, LIMO will be available in book shops in December 2015.







Illustrators, graphic artists, graffitists, tattoo artists, muralists, adventurers in video production or in textiles, experienced teachers, new members, they have all pimped the Limo in a brilliant team work effort.


Sebastien Touache / Steffie Brocoli / Zosen Bandido / 2shy / Malarko / Germes Gang / Xulf Thtf Tristan pernet / Euro rasta club / Lomé 77 / Freshmax / Timothee gouraud / Panar / Pablo grand mourcel / Obisk / Mafia/Tabak / Paul Loubet / Knarf / Matti / Jamy / Gino Bud Hoiting / Frida / Antoine Eckart / Ishem / Amor / Christ / See You Letter / Sao / Point 36 Djony / Mathieu laroussinie 


As a bonus two exclusive fiction stories by Etaïnn Zwer &  life as art as attitude










A classy chic launching will make the limousine shine: along with the release of the book a series of exhibitions will take place in Paris and in other parts of France. 

These exhibitions will highlight the work of the 32 champions presented in Limo:





- à Paris à la librairie-galerie Le Monte-en-l’air 




- à Lyon à la galerie SLIKA




- à Bordeaux à la librairie-galerie Disparate




- à Marseille à la galerie Association d’idées 



Champagne !





1€ and more

"Hitchiker package": hooray! You get 1 LIMO Gif





5€ and more

"first package": you're cute! And you've just won 5 "Limo postcards

illustrations : THTF mathieu laroussinie - Pablo Grand Mourcel - 2shy - Panar 





15€ and more

"Twingo package": you're cute! And you've just won 5 "Limo postcards" + tote bag LIMO x MAMAMA

illustrations : Malarko - mathieu laroussinie - Pablo Grand Mourcel





25€ and more

"Benz Package": zoum zoum zang! You get 5 "Limo postcards" and 1 LIMOxMAMA T-shirt.

Germes GangAmor - Jamy Paul Loubet





25€ and more 

"Starting-blocks pack": smart alec! You've just bought yourself the book Limo and will get it on its release date (launch price) + 1 patch( Gino Bud Hoiting ou Sebastien Touache ou Fresh Max ) + 5 « limos postales » (30 disponibles)






30€ and more 

"Sunshine highway package": brrmmm! You'll get the book Limo on its release date + 5 "Limo postcards"




40€ and more

"Cocky driver package": bingo! You've just won the book Limo + 1 Limo poster + 1 patch + 5 "Limo postcards" (100 available)




75€ and more

"Pimp my ride package": you've got style! The Book Limo is yours + 1 Limo poster + 1 patch + 5 "Limo Postcards" (100 available)





100€ and more

"Legend Limo package": Congrats! You have won the book Limo (autographed!) + one original copy of an A4 drawing by one of our artists. (32 available)





225€ and more

"Copilot package": well done! You have just won 10 Limo books for a bargain price before they went out of stock. You're going to make some people happy…





300€ and more

"Racer tour package": we love you! And you have won 1 Limo autographed book + a 30 minute ride in Paris with chauffeur, in the company of 1 artist and 1 beer "grand cru".





600€ and more

"Roadmaster package": jackpot! You are the happy owner of an autographed Limo book + 1 unique mural painting made by a LIMO artist at your place or at your business premises. (2mx 5m maximum)








Samuel Eckert 

Art Director and illustrator



Alexandre Essayie

Graphic designer


Etaïnn Zwer

Conceptor redactor 


Mathilde Garbé

Rp management


Léo Cohin

Social networker




MAMAMA (France) goodies printer


FP&CF (France) posters printer


MUSUMECI (Italie) book printer

Why fund it?

What is the fund-raising for?


7500 euros: Printing of the books, binding and photo-engraving

+1700 euros: Printing of the posters, T-shirts, tote-bags & patchs

+ 1400 euros: Exhibitions costs (transports, accommodation, logistics, running costs)

+ 800 euros Kiss Kiss Bank Bank commission


Potential additional profits will help develop the publishing house and our future works.

That's it, you know everything. Let's go LIMO! Get your friends in the car: spread the word!


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