(Linalone - debut album) Become a producer of the first album of Linalone.


The project


Two years of existence, about fifteen concerts, a collection of traditional songs from around the world, original compositions, a cat... in short, a band ready for the recording of its debut album !


It will include 12 to 15 tracks, with unreleased original songs, as well as those from our beloved repertoire.


Traveller as always, somewhat a necromancer also (since it is sung in more than twenty languages, some of which are dead), it is nonetheless with energy and indeed throught a sensual embodiment that our band aims to question, preserve, pass on and interpret this common heritage.


Tell the fall of Constantinople - remember its landscapes, its light & its colors five centuries ago - then being carried away in an Italian feast, and dance pizzica on a background of forbidden love. Make Russian Gypsy’s romances resonate to better dock on the shores of the Maghreb. Go back in time at will, walk in Norway and sing its shamans, being accompanied by the drum, and leave, once again… this is the journey in which we offer to take you.


Thus pack up your bags, we might go together, and thanks to you, far away.



"E 'm Paraviso jamme certamente..."

"No doubt we shall go to Paradise..."

(La Carpinese - Sicily, 17th century, anonymous)







Why fund it?

Funds will allow :

- recording & mastering in studio

- the production of cds (up to 500 copies)

- statement of works

- video recording of the concert of the 20th of September 2014





Thank you infinitely.


Linalone est un projet né du désir de faire vivre un répertoire singulier, s’articulant autour de morceaux souvent traditionnels, parfois plus récents, et surtout d’origines variées. Des romances Corses, à la Russie, l’Italie, le Moyen-Orient, les Balkans, les pays Celtes, Scandinaves... Linalone fait le lien entre différents mondes avec la musique... See more