Mercadito and Etkie would like to rent a shop in December to display a selection of products handmade by craftsmen around the globe.


The project

Based on a common goal, we are offering the artisans from under developed areas the opportunity to sell their pieces at fair prices and officially promote their products. Etkie and Mercadito are collaborating to rent a pop up store, from December 18 to 23 to facilitate our goal. At the heart of our products is a passion for arts and crafts, travel and the desire to promote different cultures through crafts.   


This event will take place in Espace Champsecret (49, rue de la cour des noues in Paris XXe district, from December 18 to 23. For us, this is an occasion to present our products, to publicize a craft often ignored by large audience, and a way to discuss and share the feedback of the people that support us.  


To get to know us better, here's a quick description :


Etkie (, creates jewellery in collaboration with women in developing areas. Initiated by Sydney in New Mexico, and then developed by Garance in France, this project has already enabled Turkish and Mongolian women to market their jewellery at fair prices, to access official status and to partner with Etkie's designers. For this collection, our partners are Navajo women, that live on the reservations in New Mexico. They create bracelets with traditional patterns, hand stitched with seed beads on to a leather deerskin lining.






Le Mercadito ( is a little mobile concept store carried by a bike. Inspired by the mexican markets, thought and designed by Laure and Julie with the help of Jean Sébastien et Octave, it sells and promotes young designers. Being mobile, it moves and evolves at the whim of seasons and trends. This summer you could see it at Grand Palais, Wanderlusr and MK2 Quai de Loire (Paris, France).

The flagship of the Mercadito, it is a mexican basket handmade braided, developed by the brand Las Fresas in collaboration with communities from the South of Mexico. 






Thank you for the interest in this project, and for your support (even if it is only moral!). If you have any questions regarding our projects, you can contact us at these addresses: and

Why fund it?

- Enable us to rent the shop Espace Champsecret, to display our products in an light and attractive place - 780€

- Implement communication campaigns (posters and flyers) to make us visible, decorate the shop and throw a welcome event - 280€ 


With any extra funds raised, our goals will be further optimized through the hiring of advertising supporters, a caterer, a DJ, and displays and lights to display our products. Additionally, any extra-funds raised will help Etkie and Mercadito to recreate the experience and bring you a future hand curated collection! 


Sydney lives in San Francisco, where she manages Etkie, an ethical jewelry company she started in 2011. After various travels and adventures with Sydney, meeting craftswomen in Turkey and Mongolia, Garance created the French branch of Etkie in August 2013. While balancing her 4th year as a business student in Paris, Garance has curated a stunning... See more

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Allez les filles on fait exploser la banque!!! :) J'ai hâte de venir sur votre stand me faire "hugger" et acheter vos bijoux. bisous gaaaaaaag. Ton ex-maybe-future-we-dont-know coloc.
Beau projet Garance, j'attends un big hug hein (oublie le merci, on s'en fout de cette partie-là!) Bisou, à très vite
Je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite !