Support the creation of a small business : still not well known in France, I want to developp baby showers in my country !


The project

Hi everyone ! 


Mom of a 15 months old little guy and part time emergency roadside specialist, I decided to create my own event planning business and specialized in baby shower.




No need to explain what it is here as I did on the french part because most of french people have never heard of it  (what ?? ... crazy I know !).






Why do I create this business ?


I want to let a great memory to a mommy to be and create a cosy atmosphere. My goal is to developp baby shower parties in the area where I live and help pregnant women to organize it so that they can relax and have fun !  

Only a few french women organize a baby shower but I want it to change !




My difference


I'm fond of craft art and love to make things handmade. Baby showers I organize are unique and I do part of the decoration by myself.






Why fund it?

Obviously I need my business to grow and would love to be part of the baby show in november where everything is just about babies. 


As I started out a few weeks ago, Little Parties is not financially independant and I need some help to participate at the show. 


I count on you ! Even 1$ is important to me !


If I get 390€ I can give 1500 flyer to the baby show visitors !









                  Thank you for your help and support on this journey !


        "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it" - Maya Angelou



Jeune créatrice d'entreprise qui a besoin d'un petit coup de pouce afin de mettre en place des moyens de communication.

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Félicitations Sterenn pour tes créations! Tu as fait de jolies présentations. Nous te faisons confiance pour la suite....
Des femmes fortes et ambitieuses, le monde en a plus besoin !! Ton projet est fantastique. Je l'adore
Bravo pour ton projet et toutes tes belles idées Sterenn! Tu as tout mon soutien! :)