Discover all the magic of the Nature with fairies and crystals ! Book of meditation with crystals and learning process of emotions.


The project

Discover all the magic of the Nature with fairies and crystals ! Fairies and magic are all around us, as it has always been for many centuries. Those lovely creatures of Nature protect us and guide us when we believe in their power. This book will help your child and yourself to discover the energy of the nature, to heal the mind, body and spirit. This book offers a complete guide with six crystals and advices, meditations. Welcome magic into your life including physical health, emotional and spiritual abundance.




Why fund it?

Those books will change the world as children understand already and are aware of energy around them.

I have been around crystals since I was a child, then I learned energy and healing with Aboriginals people of Australia. I obtained my reiki master in shamanism.

This book will show the world to kids with amazing illustration.



Louise Lolohéa, author, compositor artist, painter. Sandra Dumeix, author, compositor, artist. Project : Sandra and Louise meet each other at a dedication of a book. The connexion is there ... and they start to write poems about the environment, the nature ... A strong friendship starts. Together, they start the project, « Brightness of... See more

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Merci Claudia !
Une belle initiative, fidèle au nouveau paradigme. J'adhère.