Take part in the crowfunding of Lost Spoon first album, an Irish music duet: Fiddle & Guitar!


The project



Lost Spoon is the story of a spoon that mysteriously disappears one evening session in Ireland ...


But it is above all the complicity between Benoît Volant on fiddle Camille Philippe on guitar. Both breto-Norman multiply musical adventures for a decade as duet and bands such as Les Round'Baleurs, Sin é, Avalon Celtic Dances and Poppy Seeds.


In this album, Camille and Benoît decided to record what they do best, Irish traditionnal music. It consists mainly of instrumental sets (reels, jigs, hornpipes...) as well as two American folk songs.



Why fund it?

This album is produced by 'Ride On Music' - a Rennes based record label (Brittany, France).


The recording takes place in le Bono (Morbihan, France), it is performed by Camille who is also in charge of mixing and visual cover.


The pictures are made by Maria Menguy.


We need your help for the very last steps of this project:


mastering: 500 €

copyrights: 500 €

printing 1000 albums: 1000 €




Ride On [music]

Ride On [music] is a newly created music label. A group of Rennes based musicians and bands have been working together to share their networks and create this organisation. So far we have been successful enough to sign national distribution deals for all our records.

Newest comments

Je vous souhaite un beau succès. Bien amicalement. Soazig Billard
Vouala...trop fière d'être celle qui vient de faire basculer la force dans son côté le plus lumineux! Y'a plus qu'à les gars!!
Bravo Benoît, c'est classe que tu arrives à faire de la musique ton métier! Et en plus j'adore! Thierry, ancien colloc'!