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Hi guys,


Low Bats is a band from Lille, created by Julien Montois in 2013 singer and guitarist, Nicolas Huicq keyborder and bass player, Mathieu Boitelle guitarist and Adrien Lengrand at the drums. In 2014, Mathieu Boitelle leaves the band home town for professional reasons and is replaced by Maximilien Neuts. For 2 years, we are composing between friends dream pop sounds colored by captivating psychedelic rock tones. We are inspired by Lo-fi and shoegaze songs and we usually mention Mac DeMarco, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Girls, Foxygen, Pavement, Deerhunter or Selenian as references.


Some tracks here  :


After several gigs , the Tour De Chauffe Springboard decided to enrol us for the 2014/2015 edition and brought 1 year of help to make our project be more professional. We had the chance to record 2 songs in a studio, work with professional to improve our live performance and moreover perfect our musical identity.

We performed with Born Bad Records label artists, such as Forever Pavot, Chocolat and also Broken Water. We also took part of the Bar-Bar Festival as well as the Ozzy-Fest festival.


Since the beginning of September, we launched COLLECTIVE MIND in partnership with the local band Selenian, a collective whose purpose is to promote the pop/psychedelic music scene from Lille and Valenciennes.




After having spent 1 year composing in our home made studio and travelling through North of France, Brussels and Paris, Low Bats wants to please you ! And if you hep us , you will the chance to enjoy our songs at home, during parties, in your headphones or even in your mum's car tape player that you borrow in secret every night - we know it you can't hide !


Songs are already in the oven but we need your help to bring them to life !


Our goal in 2016 is to record a 6 songs EP, with the participation of Studio 33 in Normandy, and then share it through a French and European Tour. This cash harvesting will be the chance to bring our songs to life by recording and mixing them professionally. We will ask the help of Studio Mangrove a local graphic studio to work on the album cover and all other artworks.


We promise you lovely melodies, reverb guitar tones from space and for sure some dirty sexy keyboard lines to bring to our songs some sensuality.


Love & Pin Colada !



Why fund it?



Your contribution will help funding :


 - The studio renting for the recording - 2000€

 - The mix/mastering of the 6songs - 1000€

 - The manufacturing of 500 copies (33rpm) of the 1st LOW BATS EP - 2000€


With our personal funds we will ensure those contributions:

- The manufacturing of 300 Cds - 600€

- The manufacturing (Homemade) of 150 Tapes - 400€

- The printing of 150 T Shirts - 450€

- The manufacturing of 100 Tote Bags - 300€

- The printing of 150 posters - 80€

- The printing of 1000 stickers - 50€


If we manage to harvest this money you will get a lot of surprises !



Listen to our track "Tell Me Why" !




Le groupe lillois Low Bats existe depuis 2013, crée par Julien Montois au chant et à la guitare, Nicolas Huicq aux claviers et à la basse, Mathieu Boitelle à la guitare et Adrien Lengrand à la batterie. En 2014, pour des raisons professionnelles, Mathieu Boitelle est remplacé par Maximilien Neuts. Depuis deux ans, nous composons entre amis une pop «... See more

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