Since childhood my dream was to create a fashion workshop, and it is thanks to you that today I can achieve it!


The project


I've always been interested in the art of creating clothes: as a child I’ve been spending all days playing the apprentice seamstress retouching my mother dresses. This year I finished school of fashion and design in Krakow. I always had the motivation to throw myself professionally in the world of fashion, working for my own ideas and share them. LUFA brand is characterized by the originality of cuts, colors and the choice of fabrics, for those who seek to differentiate themselves not to stay in the icons of the clothing industry.









My objective is...

Shake trends, make my own fashion image. Show that the clothes are not just to cover, but also to feel good about yourself and expose your own personality and your own taste. I want to please my customers with the quality and originality of my work.


My passion is creating clothes, mixing colors and shapes, modern design. Style at the same time relaxed and feminine. Pending the development of my brand I realized creation of my logo and my website where you can see my latest collection: You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  My objective for this year is to create a feminine collection of clothing and accessories spring /summer 2014.  Currently, I work in the restaurant, trying to collect at least 3000 euros. With your help I can be guaranteed to start my project with a lot of stock and look for shops interested in selling my collection in Europe. The goal is 2500 euros, if the goal is exceeded, I might feel really serene.



Why fund it?


The largest part of the money for collection, around € 3,000, comes from my own background. It is not enough to succsesfully finish my project, and the collection will therefore finance what remains:  


-fabrics - 1200euros 

-manufacture - 600 euros  

- transport - 400 euros  

- the deposit of brand - 200 euros    

- labels production - 100 euros     


I would like to prepare everything by my own hands and after cooperate with small sewing companies in Poland where I come from + good qualities fabrics selected by me in Italy.  This means that the products are 100% Europeans.



 I hope that you will respond positively to my projects because your possible participation will help me to achieve it! :)











The t-shirts that you can choose in return are from my graphic projects, or my friends photos and paintings.











I come from Poland but I live in France since two years now. I finished school of fashion and design to develop my passion for sewing and creating clothes. I would like to turn my passion into a profession and at least mix the two. This year I did my diploma with the spring / summer collection which you can see on the pictures. I will probably continue... See more