Help us to understand how cosmetic surgery in Seoul has become an essential criterion in the job search. Focus.


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- Our  Facebook page and a Twitter account will allow us to keep in touch with you. You can follow the advancement of our project, but also links to articles and videos related to the subject. They will be fed regularly until January 2016.


- A Rebelmouse blog will be opened shortly. You will find all our  twitter, facebook, instagram activities and more!


- Other tools such as Snapchat will be activated during the reportage to make a diary of our adventures in South Korea.


Please continue to support us even if we reach our goal ! This money will help us to have better equipment.




"Made In Gangnam" : A production for our final dissertation at the Institute of Higher Social Communication Studies, in Brussels (IHECS).   

Anne Barrès Tuana FerayOlivier NelisLaura Swysen 




Made in Gangnam

"MADE IN GANGNAM" is a graduation project managed by Anne Barres, Laura Swysen, Tuana Feray and Olivier Nelis : 4 journalism students from Brussels. The final result will be a photo essay : the result of joint work on the roots of the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Seoul.

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Bonne chance à vous pour votre projet ! Deb & Chris
Magnifique projet! Je ne pouvais pas rester indifférente. Je vous souhaite de belles rencontres! Pour avoir parcouru la Corée du Sud il y a quelques années, j'en ai gardé un souvenir extraordinaire.
Annyong ha seyo, très beau projet ! Bon voyage au pays du Kimchi !