Participate to the creation of the 1st Italian organic cooking workshop in Brussels for pasta, gnocchis and piadinas.


The project







In a first stage (short term), the chief Michele Ambrosio will propose Italian cooking classes in Brussels and surroundings to learn how to make  fresh, pasta, gnocchis and piadinas using 100% organic and local ingredients


Then in a second part (medium term), Mains à la Pâte will open an artisanal and craft workshop of pasta, gnocchis and piadinas sailing them to individuals and professionals. Michele will still offer cooking classes and will organise activities that will promote Italian culture and alternative consumption ways.


" Mains à la Pâte" is also a social and sustainable project impacting positively on the Brussels’ territory regarding the environmental, cultural and economic aspects.





You want to learn more about Mains à la Pâte? Michele Ambrosio explains you step by step his project...



The original idea of the project "Mains à la Pâte" aims to promote Italian traditions and culture trough the cuisine and more especially by putting the “hands in the dough” in order to create together fresh and handmade pasta, gnocchis and piadinas. In Italy, Pasta is a culinary tradition so ingrained in the culture of each Italian region and village that they are closely related to many stories, legends, stories, songs and poems that tell us the origin or simply the beauty of the most famous dish of the Italian cuisine. Pasta is perhaps the only dish that can be found in all regional culinary traditions from the South to the North.

"Mains à la Pâte" is a project founded to discover the authentic taste of Italian cuisine enjoying the pleasure of creating with quality products by putting the hands in the dough. 






The choice of organic and local ingredients is a fundamental value of the project. Indeed, eating means the pleasure to prepare, share, taste and discover new flavors and sensations! But it is also consume. With the commitment of all, starting by the chef Michele Ambrosio, we can contribute to improve the quality of life through responsible and rational consumption.  


In that line, Michele chose to buy and make all of his products with organic ingredients and local (as much as possible) in order to ensure the authenticity of the taste. Cheeses, wines and other typical Italian products are not all local, but organic guarantee).


Through this simple act (and at the same time so important), "Mains à la Pâte" helps to create a sustainable and healthy environment for all!




In addition, buy local products also support an environmental and economic sustainability of the project. Thus, “Mains à la Pâte” tries to develop its activities collaborating and working for and with Brussels and the whole territory even if the products take their roots in Italy. 





For Michele Ambrosio, this issue of environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability is a key and central value in order to remain in line with his personal beliefs and professional ambitions.

In addition, the chef of "Mains à la Pâte" would like to act locally leaving a positive social and economic impact through the activities. During the second phase of the project explained bellow, "Mains à la Pâte" will include public considered as socially disadvantaged or with a physical or mental disability.




To propose accessible prices concern Michele because he would like that everyone could access to (re)discover the true taste of Italian cuisine with the elaboration and creation of Italian pasta. By this act, it also gives back the importance and the beauty of food and it encourages to wonder on our consumption habits




Michele Ambrosio wills to make accessible to all the pleasure of creating with the hands and then to  experiment the satisfaction of tasting it with friends, family, colleagues ... 



The project aims to be developed into two phases. Firstly, "Mains à la Pâte" will offer cooking classes at home of the people and then in a second time on the longer term, the chef of “Mains à la Pâte” would like to open a workshop in Brussels specialized in making organic pasta, gnocchis and piadinas.





The chief Michele Ambrosio goes to the place of people to teach them how to make pasta, gnocchis and piadinas in the most traditional and manual way as possible. Everyone puts their hands in dough and creates all the meals they will taste thereafter. 


The course includes the learning of the different types of pasta and typical sauces that go with. In addition, Michele will provide some explanations about the history of the pasta and their importance they play in the Italian gastronomy but he will also cite poems and some specificitiesand anecdotes. Michele gives a folder that summarizes all the information transmitted during the class. The Chef Michele creates also a very relax and warm atmosphere with Italian music in order to transform this moment into a real experience and a trip to Italy.

Furthermore, at the end of the class, Michele proposes the sale of the machines to make pasta in order to allow people to repeat the recipe and the experience with their family, friends. Note that some types of pasta are possible to prepare without the machine runed directly by hand (farfalle, ravioli, pici, tortelloni ...). 



“Mains à la Pâte” proposes a variety of formulas in order to offer a range of services and prices and to create customer loyalty learning each time a new type of pasta and sauce.  


With the strong will to be accessible to all budgets the classes of “Mains à la Pâte”, Michele also wants to offer affordable prices

In respect of the sustainability principle of the project, all journeys to go at people’ place are made by bike. In order to realize this objective, Michele needs a bike char to be able to bring all the ingredients, the equipment and material.






Subsequently, " Mains à la Pâte" would open in a physical commercial place in Brussels a workshop to make home and artisanal pasta, gnocchis and piadinas. Thus, this pasta workshop sale the fresh and home traditional Italian product. In the same time, the place would also welcome activities and events to exchange and share on an alternative food consumption in order to reflect on a more responsible, sustainable world. Cultural events could be organized in connection with Italy.

Michele Ambrosio will propose cooking workshops designed and adapted to different audiences: adults, groups and children as peoplewith physical or mental disabilities. 


In addition, the workshop " Mains à la Pâte" would also be a shop selling pasta, gnocchis and piadinas together with other Italian products such as machines for making pasta, sauces, oils ... 




The idea of Michele would also to propose his products in the markets in Brussels with the concept of the food truck in order to reach another target group. 

In the long term vision, " Mains à la Pâte" could also propose interventions in schools, cooking schools, festivals and cultural events, linked with Italy or even to businesses (team building).

The perspective of expansion of " Mains à la Pâte" is also linked to the establishment of a local network made of contacts from the Brussels’ territory composed by local associations, trade associations, alternative networks on responsible consumption, organic products, social entrepreneurship and also with local authorities.

In addition, Michele is willing to buy a professional machine to make homemade pasta but producing larger quantities. The purpose of the acquisition of that machine is to participate in festivals, cultural events and to serve large quantities of pasta. In addition, with the machine it is also possible to make deliveries to businesses and quick lunches.






« Mains à la Pâte » sells an experience, a trip to Italy. “Mains à la Pâte " is targeting a local public living in Brussels-Capital but also in the surroundings

The prices offered are affordable to allow those who wish to experience the sharing, the creation, thediscovery of a specific taste, a particular touch and smell and the unique savor of the ancestral Italian gastronomy.

The typical profile of the customer of "Mains à la Pâte" is a person extremely sensitive to the quality, searching authenticity, simplicity, experience and human contact. The cooking class "Mains à la Pâte" wants to go beyond an experience of one evening but aims also to open the discussion on another mode of consumption, the values and the origins ​​of Italian cuisine, and the creation by the participants of a unique product as made by themselves and with their hands. The public is already interested in cooking or with the willing to discover it.




- Creation of a graphic charter, of a visual identity : creation and / or redefinition of the logo, creation of a flyer, of material to disseminate on the website : and also the creation of a professional website  


- Social networks:







- Launch event :A launch event will be organised to gain visibility. It may be done in a local Italian restaurant, bar. It may include a class of paste, a concert of Italian music, the degustation of pasta, gnocchis and piadinas. Following the event, “Mains à la Pâte” could participate in events, festivals related to the following topics: crafts, cooking, organic, slow food, Italy... 


- The distribution channels made with paper : Posters, flyers, business cards distributed in organic food stores, markets, caterers Italians… 


- Partnership agreement with companies, organizations, local associations, cooperatives… 


- Special promotions and Policy regarding the price: special promotions for special occasions, the launch of a concourse, a contest to win a meal for 2 people for example. 




My name is Michele Ambrosio. I'm 31. I'm Italian and from 1 year and a half I live in Brussels. Like an authentic Italian, I'm really passionate about pasta that I consider a very important part of the culture of my country. For this reason, 13 years ago, I started to look for recipes and some tips to learn how to make fresh pasta in the most traditional, in a first time with the help and expertise of both grandmothers.I believe they still have a real connection with the food and they know some little secrets that you'll never find in a book. Then with the experience of several Italian chefs that I met during my various works in the cutlery sector. Gradually, I learned how to make many different types and understand the best assortments and combinations of pasta and the sauces. 



I first experienced and tries my recipes and techniques with my friends and family and I realized how people enjoyed the fact to make past and then to eat them together. Then, here in Brussels, I learned a lot about responsible consumption and food and the importance of using local and organic products. Now, I can say that my choice to eat and to use organic and local products provedits doubly effective. Indeed, I found the true taste of Italian traditional cuisine and at the same time, with this simple act, I contribute to create a sustainable environment for all and without.



Why fund it?




The collect will be used to fund the first part of my project (Italian cooking class at home of the people, of course with 100% organic products). I will use the other part to create an initial capital in order to start organizing the construction of the second stage (opening of an artisanal workshop producing homemade and fresh pasta, gnocchis and piadinas). It will be longer to achieve it and will require more economic investment that will be amortized on a long term. In addition, the creation of a legal entity but also the organization of the logistical, administrative and financial aspects is more complex than the first part. 

I wish to start the cooking classes at people’ home, which will allow me to begin an economic activity, to gain experience and to make create contacts without requiring a large financial investment. In parallel, I wish start to organize the opening of the artisanal workshop. That is why I would like to use a part of the amount requested by the crowd funding to immediately launch the cooking classes and to keep a second part in order to allow me to advance the second part.



In practice, the crownfounding will collaborate to the purchase of: :


- The kitchen's materials calculated in € 1,350, including € 1,000 for the acquisition of a stock of 20 machines to make pasta in order to sell it at the end of the coking class. 




-        A bicycle + trolley (1050 €) to move inside the city of Brussels to protect the environment, to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and to develop a sustainable business model.



-    In order to create a communication plan, I planned to dedicate € 1500 for the creation of a website, a graphic charter and the printing of flyers, posters and business cards.




-   For the promotion, I intend to organize a launch event (750 €), which will include the room rental, the communication and the food.





- To open a legal entity in Belgium, I will have to go throught various administrative and legal tasks ( Opening of the business, translation of official documents from italian to English, insurance for professional liability, the services of an accountant during the year). For that stage, I calculated € 2,420. 







The total needed to finance the first stage of my plan is 7070 €. I add the percentage of KissKissBankBank equivalent to 353 €.



For this reason, my collection has as 














TOTAL of the first and second phase: 36020














Totali ncome for the two phases in €: 36020







Mains à la Pâte

Je m’appelle Michele Ambrosio, j’ai 31 ans, je suis italien et depuis 1 an et demi j’habite à Bruxelles. Comme tous les vrais italiens, je suis vraiment passionné par les pâtes que je considère comme une partie très importante de la culture de mon pays. Pour cette raison, il y 13 ans j’ai commencé à chercher recettes et petits astuces pour apprendre à... See more

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