Help us raise the necessary funds for our festival's artists!


The project

Maison des Arts Sonores is a non-profit charity dedicated to musical creation.  

We are organising a festival of electroacoustic music (KLANG ! électroacoustique) in partnership with La Chapelle Gély.




 We need you to help our artists (fees, travelling, accommodation, meals). It is important that the artists' work is rightly valued!  Fan of contemporary art, electroacoustic music or alternative art, help us!  



The festival runs from June 5th to 7th, 2014 in La Chapelle Gely with our loudspeaker orchestra, KLANG acousmonium.  La Chapelle is a deconsecrated church in the heart of a gypsy city, City Gely in Montpellier. It is a place of creation and experimentation of contemporary arts.




All funds go directly in the artist's pocket! 


Programme includes: 

F. Bayle, F. Dhomont, J. Harrison, B. Capelle, D. Smalley, A. Vande Gorne mais aussi du live avec C. de Coudenhove, SOUNDkitchen, I. Chia, L. Rodz, des installations avec I. Wickmann and more…



All donations are welcome (small donations too)!

Thank you for your help and interest.



Julien Guillamat 

Festival artistic director




Why fund it?

Our partnership with La Chapelle takes all (or in party) costs related to the technical, administration, communication and marketing, organisation and management of the personnel and the festival's performance venue.


The collect will pay the artists for (estimated):


- Travelling expenses 1040€

- Accommodation expenses 560€

- Meals 180€

- Performance Fee 810€




We are 100% transparent and registered as a non-profit organisation so you know where you're money is going (our accounting is transparent)!

All donations are welcome (small donations too)!


A big thank you from all the team for your support and your interest! 





KLANG ! électroacoustique 5th to 7th June 2014 The new electroacoustic music festival in Montpellier. Meet leading French and international names in contemporary music. This year KLANG ! électroacoustique focuses on acousmatic music with F. Bayle, F. Dhomont , J. Harrison , B. Capelle, D. Smalley, A. Vande Gorne and some live with C. de Coudenhove,... See more