Take part in a short film production which aims is to show the wakeboard to the general public in all its forms.


The project

After the success of the 2013 edition and with over 100,000 views in a few months we decided to work on a project bigger, better and more impressive movie than the previous one. Our goal is to give people a taste of wake boarding, which is still not very well known and lacks media coverage.



"Make it count" refers to the fact that 2014 is probably my last season of intense riding and the importance of enjoying every moment. We decided to go back to the places where I used to ride in my early days: the first competition spot, the first cable i rode and the club that has supported me since day one. All these places still exist and see the best wakeboarders come by even today


So if you want to see more tricks, more fun, more wakeboarding Support us!


rider: Lucas Langlois



Birthday:  05/12/1986


- Physio student.

- Pro wakeboarder & coach.


Best results:

3 times national champ

4 times runner-up

12 selection in national team

Finalist in the 2011 World Championships  Finalist of the European Championships 2012  Finalist at the World Games 2013  Elected French rider of the year 2011,12,13


More on Bio Profile.


Director : Antoine Janssens



Birthday: 11/10/1990

Bio: Founder, Associate Director of Production Toast



Cinematographer: Florian Fatton




Birthday: 19/11/1989

Bio: Founder, Artistic Director at Toast Production



Producteur : Toast Production

Bio: Toast Production Sarl is a young company specializing in the creation of promotional videos, corporate films, event coverage as well as photography. Having made ​​his debut in the world of sport, it is the ideal company to be able to carry this kind of project.








More info:  Project Name: Make It Count / / Lucas Langlois Wakeboarding  Release Date: August / September  Duration: 4 minutes  Genres: Sports Documentary Franco-Swiss



We decided to ask for help here, to the Kissbankers because we want to limit from private sponsors so the video isn't the victim of excessive product placement. Doing this will allow us to decide freely of our moves and our decisions regarding the creation of our film.

Why fund it?

The funds raised will be used to fund several things:   

- Travel expenses of the crew throughout the week the film will be directed (we'll move to a different spot each day):  Estimated cost + toll Essence: 

=> Neuchâtel (CH) => Annecy (FR): Toll 6.70 € | Fuel € 19.34 

=> Annecy (FR) => Lent (FR): Toll 8.40 € | Fuel € 13.27 

=> Lent (FR) => Lyon (FR): Fuel € 6.81 

=> Lyon (FR) => Valence (FR): Toll 7.20 € | € 11.4 Fuel 

=> Valence (FR) => Avignon (FR): Toll 9.60 € | Fuel € 14.39 

=> Avignon (FR) => Neuchâtel (CH): Toll € 35.60 | € 54.71 Fuel   

so it is 187.42 euro x 2 cars: € 374.84   


- The accommodation charges each spot and meals even if you do not plan to make 5 * all night. :)  accommodation: 

Annecy: Thank you friends :) 

Lent: Hotel 35 € 

Lyon: Hotel 50 € 

Valence: Home :)  

Avignon: Hotel 45 €   

Meals: For the crew 60 € per day over 5 days: 300 €   

so it is 430 €   


- Costs location: Gasoline boat winch and follower: 150 €   


- Rental of equipment which the crew are not yet available (high speed camera, lighting): 500 €   


- The realization of the soundtrack by indie artist: http://www.micheljanssens.ch: 300 €     


That is why we need € 1,754.84 to complete this project. 


If the project reaches € 2,500: then we can make a night session wakeboard cable, which will make the video almost unique in its kind. 


If the project reaches 3500 €: we can produce images with a drone that will catch impressive views.


I started wakeboarding pretty late (first round to 13/14 years) and it is 13 years now that I makes the seasons with winter breaks shorter and shorter. In 2006 I started traveling abroad winter to train me during the cold season too. Since I alternate between my studies and my training in France and abroad, as well as competitions. Student in... See more

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Merci à tous pour votre aide et votre soutient :)
Je suis une fan "inconditionnelle"! Bonne chance pour ton projet Lucas et plein de bisous+++ Brigitte
Super projet ! Je n'ai pu faire qu'une seule fois du wake et c'est assez sympa. Difficile à prendre en main au début cela dit. Bon courage !