Carry a bin-container found in Marseille lying on a beach, to his home base in Italy, in a municipality close to Genova.


The project

December 2013 I discovered a trash container lying on a beach on the island of Frioul, off Marseille . A sticker attached to it indicates its origin : the municipality of Cogoleto in the province of Genoa. I went back to Marseille to hit the road and bring it back to its starting point in Italy.






So I transformed the container in a backpack and equipped with wheels , I'm gonna hit the road on May 16. With minimal equipment ( tent, sleeping bag, an iPhone as a camera / camera, some clothes and drawing materials ), I intend to walk to the city of Cogoleto, sleeping in improvised palces during 10-15 days. Once i'll be there I will go to the mayor and municipal services of the city, return the trash. On May 16 , I 'll send an email to let them know about my venue.
















" This is the story of a drift . A story of a plastic container which sailed before running aground . A story of a meeting, one afternoon in December. The story of a journey past and a trip to become, a loop. As often we visit a country we bring back, a gift, a souvenir , a bauble, a totem ... this time it is reported be a trash can."

Why fund it?

Living in Berlin, I have to take a return flight Berlin / Nice and then go to Marseille by train, where the container, modified into a backpack expect for me. Donations will help me to cover transportation costs (plane/ train) food for 15 days and the costs of production (Photo Prints, frames, purchase items and watercolor paper)


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