Mécanik de papier » is a project to create a show based on the life of the residents of a small French village, Lautrec.


The project


« Mécanik de papier » is a project to create a show based on the life of the residents of a small French village, Lautrec. It will take place on the 13th July in the context of the Festival of books and crafts.


The project will focus on the relationship between the residents and the different moments shared with the team of “Mécanik de papier”. How do we live together? What do we share? What relationship do we have one with one another?


« Mécanik de papier » will attempt to express these interactions using various art forms, with paper as the principal medium. It will mix theatre, anthropology and poetry. Imagine the village as a blank sheet of paper with five hands drafting a scenario: the inhabitants, the team, stage design, poetry and anthropology.


Concretely the project is done in three steps:


Meet the “Lautrecois”

In their environment

Organise publics meetings and discussion

Harvest and record their words in text, images and drawings


Set the stage

Project images during a moving show

Create a stage where the setting, costume, and even the walls of Lautrec communicate interactions using paper as a medium


Recapture the space

Blend shapes, scenery and background to portray the harvest

Represent the communication with video, photos, drawings, poetry and dance.




The show will take place in four or five different places in the village. Each one of them will address different themes. Strolling along the streets of the village, guided by comedians, the public will be invited to discover the different settings based on music, video projection, and paper. All the scenography is based on paper; cut outs, pop-ups, origami etc. The paper will also be a base for video projection.



The team:


Marion Raievski , Mickael Théodore , Sara McLaren, Gyomh ( guillaume henrion)

Adele Luce, Jane K., Angela Rawling, and four students that are following the project: Camille, Andréa, Lucie and Alice.



Why fund it?

How will the funds be used?


For the scenography:

To rent 2 video projectors: 800€ and 4 speakers: 200€

Production: Costumes, polyethylene foam + glue +painting : 500€

Costumes for the actors and technicians: fabric and materials 200€


For the team:

Travel, food and accommodation 1100 €


Giving a total of 2800 €


cie sputnik

Nous vous invitons à consulter les biographies sur le blog du projet : www.mecanikdepapier.wordpress.com. Le collectif est porté par la compagnie Sputnik Créé en 2009 par Marion Raievski, en tant qu'association loi 1901, la compagnie Sputnik est une compagnie qui se réclame du courant « théâtre dans l'espace urbain ». Son premier spectacle, «... See more

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