MéCéNAt 2.0: Peintures CéDRiC MArAChiAN


The project

Hi everybody,


My name is Cedric Marachian.

I am an expressionist inspired painter, and I 've made a living from my paintings for nearly fifteen years.


From local exhibitions to national ones, I built my path step by step as a self taught man and my work is seen by more and more delighted retinas...




As my renown grows, I receive more and more requests, coming from further and further. After recent exhibitions in London and Milan, a double exhibition is planned in Germany (Fellbach, then Stuttgart), another one in Paris for the local heritage day and then again in London at the end of the year. Furthermore, I received the proposal of an artistic residence in Vanuatu archipelago...


In order to be able to face and make use of those new opportunities and thus take a new step to go on offering the best of my decorative deviance, I give you the possibility to make your own contribution to those projects and become an integral part of the underway work.




Bons regards,






My website hErE

Why fund it?





Cédric Marachian est né en 1973. Artiste-peintre autodidacte d'inspiration expressionniste, il signe ses premières oeuvres sous le pseudonyme de Hamlet1888 avant de tomber le masque en 2012. Il entreprend alors le projet "Toits et moi" qui le mène à travers la France et l'Europe dans un voyage artistique et initiatique. Depuis, il travaille sous son vrai... See more

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Youhouhouhouhou!!! Félicitations, objectif atteint!!! Des bisous :-)
Cédric, je te souhaite sincèrement d'arriver à boucler ton projet. Merde 100 vierges c'est pas rien ... Bonne chance !!!
Le mecenat est une soutien vieux comme le monde !!.... Je me sens un.peu comme François 1er qui côtoie Léonard de Vinci !!