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Powerhouse jazz for a new generation:  Médéric Collignon has been causing shockwaves in jazz and contemporary music for some years now. He represents a rare species in music; movements usually get only one, maybe two a generation. They put an end to iteration and invent new music made out of desire and histories. "Médo (S)" will be an offbeat documentary about  this musical phenomenon, a true portrait of the irreverend and generous character who in the scope of the shootings became a central figure in the international jazz scene and a respected Jazzman.


The film project meanwhile evolved into an artistic encounter mediated by trust, complicity and a constant desire to challenge and test all possibilities. To give the maximum every second, every beat and also accept mistakes for a better bounce. Médéric Collignon’s musical art remained a bastion of the unpredictable, unspecific and ephemeral: risky business. The documentary « Médo (S) » in response became an experiment on time and freedom, a "work in progress" necessarily partial and subjective, Médéric is now greatly sought, he shakes opinions, raises eyebrows, indisputably deranges. Hate it or love it; the beat goes off.


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Jus de Bocse - Paris jazz festival - 2009 : Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet / Philippe Gleizes – Batterie / Frank Woeste – Fender Rhodes / Frédéric Chiffoleau – Contrebasse / Gilles Olivesi – Ingénieur du son


Septik  -  Jazz in Marciac - 2008 : Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet / Thomas de Pourquery – Saxophone / Frank Woeste – Fender rhodes / Matthieu Jérôme – Fender rhodes / Maxime Delpierre – Guitare / Jean-Philippe Morel – Basse / Philippe Gleizes – Batterie


Dgiz at Atelier du plateau en 2008 : Dgiz – Slam, contrebasse / Médéric Collignon – Voix, bugle, effets / Sylvaine Hélary – Flûte / François Merville – Batterie / Pascal Contet – Accordéon


MegaOctet at jazz club "Le triton" en 2008 : Andy Emler – Piano, compositions, direction / Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet, voix / Laurent Dehors -Saxophone ténor, clarinette basse, cornemuse / Thomas de Pourquery – saxophones alto et soprano / Philippe Sellam – saxophone alto / François Thuillier – Tuba / Claude Tchamitchian – Contrebasse / Eric Echampard – Batterie


Festival Jazz Nomades - La voix est libre 2009 : Bernard Lubat – Piano, Voix / Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet, voix / Philippe Gleizes – Batterie


"L’instrument à Pression" - 2009 : David Lescot – Texte / Véronique Bellegarde – Mise en scène Avec Jacques Bonnaffé, Médéric Collignon, Olivier Garouste, Philippe Gleizes, David Lescot, Odja Llorca.


Duo Charmatz/Collignon - Festival Seine de danse 2008 : Boris Charmatz – Danse / Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet, effets, voix


L’atelier des possibles à Festival Jazz à Porquerolles -  2008 : Denis Charolles – Batterie, percussions, trombone, arrosoir / Médéric Collignon – Bugle, cornet, effets, voix / André Minvielle – Voix / Christophe Monniot – Sax, effets


« Dgiz en jazz »  Victor Hugo Theater -  Bagneux 2009 : Dgiz – Slam, contrebasse / Médéric Collignon – Voix, bugle, effets, baguette chinoises / Andy Emler – Piano

Archives (TBC) : ONJ de Claude Barthelemy, Napoli’s wall de Louis Sclavis

and Philippe Cocu (Teacher of Médéric Collignon), Monique Collignon, Elise Caron / Michel Portal / Percussions de Strasbourg (TBC), Francois Bonhomme, Nicolas Chedmail, Philippe Bord, Victor Michaud, Hasse Poulsen, Vincent Courtois, Louis Sclavis, …



Why fund it?

The shooting took place between 2006 and 2011. Alltogether over 200 hours of rushes, many concerts, interviews on the go, performances, impro’s and talks. Médéric is like a diamond: a hard core with multiple facets, piercing and capable of scratching any surface. The documentary "Médo (S)", captures this rough polished Superman at his multiple facets.


Coralie van Rietschoten, my editor and me, Josselin Carre, mounted a rough cut of over 4 hours by the end of 2011. We also made a teaser of 5 min, to show the rythm and  athmo. Our partner, Oléo films started prospecting in spring 2012. They vanted an amazing cast, unusual images and sequences gleaned from the first days of shooting in Munich, via Marciac to the heights of Belleville in Paris, and presented the film as a road movie of a special kind. 


We therefore start this fund raising campaign to cover extra cost for post-production and a new distribution campaign. Our aim is to break chronology and stay close to the perfomance experience. We will screen the film in public at festivals, jazz venues and in the associative circuit. The film will be elevated from TV to big screen quality. And we will have to remix the content to make it into a feature film! Image editing will take three weeks and sound editing and mixing another two weeks time, not forgetting calibration, estimated at 3 days. Since part of this is external lab work it must be payed in advance. By participating in this campaign, you can help us to get going again and be part of the experiment. Screening is planned from November 2013.


Budget Allocations (The money raised will be used for stipends, rentals and technical services):


Post production Imagery : 1600 Euros

Post production Lab 2012 : 700 Euros

Post production Sound : 1200 Euros

Stipend Mixing Editor : 800 Euros Calibration : 600 Euros

PR and Communication : 250 Euros

Distribution Budget : 850 Euros

Banking Fundraising Fee : 840 Euros

Stipend Director : 900 Euros


And if by chance we raise above 100%, we can:

pay for French / English subtitles,

order DVD and Covers at confliktarts.com,

make a DCP for screenings

Organise a premiere with a concert for you all. 





Réalisateur, depuis une dizaine d’’années, de documentaires et de captations de spectacles vivants pour Arte Concert, Culturebox, Mezzo, Josselin Carré gravite principalement dans le milieu du jazz, ses musiques connexes ainsi que la danse contemporaine. En 2010, il participe à la série de documentaire Jazzlive initiée par Oléo films. En 2014, il... See more

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