Support the production of the first album from Mélinée the rising star of french chanson in Berlin!


The project

A french singer with Morocan/jew roots accompanied by a french/scottish guitarist, a german/Egyptian cellist, a german double bass player, an italian pianist and an American drummer, welcome in the mixed universe of Mélinée!



I am going to record my first album in June! To do so I am joined by talented musicians that will make my words and music sparkle! A clip is being edited and Madamd Zik, my agent is working on the promotional front!

I Hope that my songs, colored and enriched by the arrangements of this dream team will convinced you and will also have an impact on the music world ( labels, promoters).


Stay tunes, the clip will arrive shortly!




Mélinée the shooting star of french chanson in Berlin


Discussion backstage at the Corbo ( a venue promoting chanson)  after a gig

With: Corinne Douarre ( singer), Lisa Zenner (artistique director of the Corbo), Aurelie Paita ( Artistique agent), Samira Aly (cellist), Jonathan Bratoëff (guitarist)




Why fund it?

The money collected will go towards the production of my 1st album


As a taster, a version of “Tango en si” recorded in rehearsal with the musicians that will appear on the album



With the hepl of KKBB I will be able to reach an other level ! Professionnally recorded  the album will showcase my songs  with the  best possible quality  to the public, the labels, the radios and the promoters


The funds collected will help financing

- 5 days in studio

- The musicians


When the album is recorded the mixing and mastering will have to be done as well! We are hoping that a label will press and distribute the project at a later stage!




A fan speaks: "With her accordeon Melinée transports us from a romantique mood to a more humanistique and rebelle view of life and the world. With solid influences her style is pure , her universe intimist and she delivers  spontaneouly and passionately small bits of everyday life full of joy and sorrows"




Mélinée comes from Toulouse. She grew up in a musical family, she played piano and accordeon as a child and was always surrounded by the giants of "chanson Française" at home. She finally decided that she was ready to break the mould and started writing her own tunes aged 20, she has favored the accordeon as her main instrument to accompany herself in... See more

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Et bien c'est parti! Je vous souhaite à tous plein de bonnes choses, d'énergie créatrice dans l'aventure en studio... pour imaginer et réaliser un album qui vous ressemble! Magali
Bonne chance pour votre projet, bisous à Jonathan ! Georges, Loëtitia, Roméo
Bon courage pour votre album.