Finance the Song and the Music Video "WE ARE CHARLIE" to Celebrate Freedom of Speech


The project

Target: 3 000 euros in 30 days


After the terrible attacks that occurred in Paris in January, pacification and a spirit of reconciliation should be used as a shield against barbarity and obscurantism. Democrats from all over the world should mobilize. 


In that situation, it appears necessary to proclaim our attachment not only to free speech but also to values of peace and tolerance.


More particularly, it seems urgent to say unambiguously that all spiritual and political communities stand together in this brotherly movement.




That's why I decided to use the softest tool, music, to celebrate this great motion of love. A song called "WE ARE CHARLIE", whose demo is already available, will be recorded very shortly. And to insist on the necessity to avoid any kind of stigmatization or racism, a children's choir from Seine-Saint-Denis will participate to this production, which should constitute an hymn to life.



All money raised will be strictly used to pay for recording locations and some of the production costs involved with the music video's shooting.


All benefits will go (i) directly to Charlie Hebdo magazine for one third, (ii) to the victims and their families for another third, (iii) and to antiracist NGOs for the last third.

Why fund it?

Using: single + music video


We need 3 000 euros to make this project in good conditions.


Studio renting, mixing and mastering costs reach 1 000 euros.


Technical costs involved with the making of the music video reach 2 000 euros.


A universalist project


Your generosity is crucial: it will make us able to deliver a track and a music video in good standing.

All funds will be allocated to incomputable production costs.


We aim this track to be a strong symbol, for now and later on, to show the capacity of different cultures to unite around a shared goal.




Any help is welcome!


We strongly encourage those who can't donate to share the KissKissBankBank project page around them, to promote it. Without your help, nothing would be possible.







Tom Connan (born April 1, 1993) is a French-American singer, songwriter, actor and director. He gained attention with his single "Beautiful Day" in 2012, promoted by New York-based record promoter Brad LeBeau and remixed by top DJ Mark Picchiotti, which produced national success in the US club circuit and also in the UK. His following singles "Trashy... See more