We need you to create the very first digital magazine dedicated to the Maghreb and Middle East regions


The project

MP Magazine: More than just a digital magazine, an innovative concept.


Our goal is to offer you every month on tablets feature articles, interviews reportages and EXCLUSIVE topics.  

Published in three languages : French, English and Arab, this 2.0 magazine will provide you political, economic and socio-cultural articles exclusively written for MP Magazine. All complemented with diaporamas, videos, infographics and other interactive contents to follow MENA region news.


A Little Extra: By suscribing, you can access in premium to these contents on our website www.mena-post.com and on our phone and tablet app.


Self-founded and completely independent, MENA Post would not be hère without its great contributors and volunteers. MENA Post team counts on your CONTRIBUTION and your SUPPORT to finance this e-magazine project. This will allow us to create it, to propose it on Android Market and App Store (some expensive services) and to remunerate its redactors, as motivated than competent.  














Why fund it?

- 3000 € : Graphic design and edition


- 1000 € : Put online and web hosting


- 6000 € : Retribution of the team 


Mena Post is the first portal aimed at covering all breaking news and analysis in the area of Middle East and north of Africa exclusively. It is in the three languages: Arabic, French, and English. Our team is composed of researchers, journalists and specialists of the MENA area, we provide on daily basis information, analyses, debates and opinion... See more

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Très beau projet !
Je vous souhaite d'atteindre votre objectif !! Et Hâte aussi de lire le premier numéro !
Bon courage pour ce projet! Hâte lire le premier numéro! ;)