Merry Berry is a project of nutrition education for pupils aged 7 to 11.


The project



The birth of Merry Berry


Behind this project is a dietitian fond of this subject! Her goal is to tackle childhood obesity by fighting bad eating habits in schools.


We are constantly told how much obesity is a plague in France and elsewhere but no one ever told us that 50% of obese children and 70% of teenagers will remain obese once they are adults. The thing is: we don't do anything concrete to change!


A solution ? Playful nutrition education at an early age before children get confronted to more freedom as for where and what they eat at lunch breaks.




The project


The idea is to offer one-hour sessions led by a nutrition expert, once a week, for 8 weeks to cover a number of food-related topics such as breakfast, sugar,greens, farming....


The program should not be a classic boring class but a real joyful experience made of meetings with little local producers, blind tastings and so on. For the project to be a moment to remember, pupils would be given a diploma to encourage them to be proud of their new knowledge and spread the word. 

Why fund it?

We need your support to launch our Merry Berry project.


1) The very first program will be offered to pupils from a precarious school. We really do want to offer this to give every child a chance to know about what they eat.


2) To get tools we need for our sessions: fake food, plates, local fresh food...


3) To make the most of our sessions thanks to a pupil handbook and classroom posters


4)For us to survive thanks to the making of promotional material for schools and councils.


5) To pay for local farmers to visit us during our sessions 


We really need you to launch our project. To be honest with you, we even made the little video presentation on Word from scratch....




Moi, c'est Marie, 23 ans, diplômée en Anglais et en Diététique. Au cours de mes études en Diététique, j'ai eu l'occasion de travailler dans une association en Angleterre promouvant l'éducation nutritionnelle chez les enfants et les populations défavorisés. C'est là que j'ai eu le déclic! Bloggeuse culinaire et passionnée de pâtisserie, je compte... See more

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Projet très prometteur ! Nous te souhaitons bon courage pour aller jusqu'au bout de cette initiative ! :)
Un projet intéressant et prometteur qui mérite un petit coup de pousse :)
Super projet, j'invite tout le monde à donner un petit quelque chose !