Safe & sound - Helps for my first album's release.


The project



LET ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! I can now perceive the amount of your donations!!!


I still need YOUR HELP!


The whole production costs is estimated to € 4,260


Recording, mixing and mastering: € 1,300

Ep's duplication: € 200

Artworks: € 300 Digipack: € 960 (for 500 copies)

Vinyls: € 1,500 (for 300 copies)


Thanks for helping, sharing, donating!!!






This is an easy project. (I hope so)




It's been one year and a half both my 6 strings and I have touring Europe and France.

I have released two Split EPs (with friends from France and Russia)


After those awesome experiences I lived on the road (in different bands)

I simply decided to freeze my songs in time with a Full-lenght album.


First, I have recorded 10 songs, then, one more song has been added to.

Every track sounds like a personal one; Also, with a real intimate universe.


A limited EP (from the LP) has been released. The aim is to promote the upcoming album.

Only 200 copies are now available.

3 songs from the album and 2 unreleased songs (acoustic versions of electric ones) compose this EP.



Here is the link to listent to the EP:


Initially, the concept of this EP was to thank people for their help by giving them this item.


Mike NoegrafProudlyugly - The French Folk singer, performing @ Proudly Ugly Live Sessions 2014    

Why fund it?

Collection won't help me to leave on an island for vacation.


Rather, it would help to culmination of this project.


What you should know about this record:


Recording, mixing and mastering: € 1,300

Ep's duplication: € 200

Artworks: € 300 Digipack: € 960 (for 500 copies)

Vinyls: € 1,500 (for 300 copies)

Total estimated cost: € 4,260


It's a huge amount of money, that's why I appeal to you.


The amount is fixed at € 2,000.


It would help me for Digipacks and vinyls duplication.


Thanks for reading.


Here are pics from the upcoming t-shirts:



Mike Noegraf

Concerning rock'n'roll, Mike Noegraf is not a beginner. The singer/songwriter from Lyon (France) has travelled in France, Europe, Russia and Canada as well, playing acoutic solo songs or playing with his punk rock band "The traders". Today, he's coming back in a solo format, acoustic guitar in handed. His songs remain a kind of mix of Tony Sly, Rocky... See more

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Bravo ! Des bisous
Mike est un artiste complet , sa voix est magnifique et ses musiques tout aussi belles! elles sont le reflet de son travail acharné et de sa détermination l'album mérite le meilleur accueil possible ne passez pas à côté!!!
Good luck ;-)