Support our Live Webcast for our last event in Chantilly (France) on september 26 to 28th for the European Paintball Series 2014


The project

Live webcast on the biggest Paintball event in Europe : on the beautiful venue of Chantilly 


** Next Stop: World Cup  , 26th to 28th September , Chantilly , FRANCE **


Domaine de Chantilly - Cour de l’hémicycle 19 rue du Connetable 60500 CHANTILLY France


·         30 hours of live CPL action and analysis across 3 days

·         Featuring: European Paintball Federations National Teams  U19 Championships

·         Featuring: 64 players battle it out in the 1 on 1 Championship.  Winner takes all!

·         more than 180 teams from all over the world

·         Expert analysis, numerous guest presenters combined with Pro player and industry interviews 

·         3 Daily highlight videos



Millennium Series Chantilly World Cup 2014 Teaser 










Why fund it?

Why 10000 €  ?


Because it's a round number !.


More seriously , we start that webcast on a auto-production , but we are facing cost that we can't afford anymore .


In order to keep allowing the Millennium Series to provide the best FREE Paintball Live Broadcast  , we need the support from all players , fields , shops and all paintballers over the world !


By funding  us , you will help the Millennium Series to invest in High tech tools for getting a better webcast and most important we will be able to keep on offering you the show for free and show the world that paintball is a sport !


For example :

- having a guy for inserting animation during the live is about 750 € 

- renting  the satellite connexion is more than 2000 € 

- commentators traveling cost is about 300 € / per people 

- hotels for 5/6 days is more than 1500 € 

- You can imagine the rent of all the producing van , cameras , cables .....


We don't want to ask and the viewers to pay for watching paintball live  , so all the community will be able to watch the final event of the year from anywhere in the world , on his cell on , tablets , from their coach , from their local paintball field .









Once a relatively unknown recreational activity, that few people used to play, paintball has developed into a massive industry and an extremely exciting competitive sport. Last year a survey showed that paintball had overtaken snowboarding as the fourth most popular alternative sport. Every month thousands of new players try out this exciting... See more

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Soutiens ton Sport !
Merci pour le soutien il dépend de tous que le live puisse encore exister demain !
Merci de nous permettre de suivre notre passion quand on ne peut pas si rendre !!