It is one hour long slide projection of a graphic novel with live background music. It tells a story about today and the future of the world


The project

 This project will be made by the Artistic organization JAVNI PROSTOR/ PUBLIC SPACE. Please, help us create this important story:

Moisture, Frost and Salt are three immigrants in Western EU. They are newcomers and are exploring their new environment. They see it's good and bad points. Men in the group start to use pleasures of modern world: drink, sports on TV, technology and video games. They become addicted to all this and become passive consumers. She, Moisture, can't forget that they came from poverty and war zone. She is trying to figure out how to help the people in the land which they left. She is also interested in deeper reasons of conflicts and tries to "heal" the society. It is not an easy task, but with her "invention"' of re-using the invisible emotional overproduction (which is released in every demonstration, clash or battle) she manages to make Frost and Salt interested in. United in this mission, they start to fight for this idea, first without success by making many funny mistakes but slowly they learn how to act to present it better. With the help of new friends, they make progress and in the end the whole world is enthusiastic about their "new financial model" with which poverty, wars, refugees and economical immigrants disappear.

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Why fund it?

It is an amusing and tense story, there are a lot of humor, love affairs, murder, voting campaign and a terrorist attack. It is divided in documentary and fictional parts. The documentary part speaks about today's dilemmas: bank crisis, Occupy movement, growing unemployment, homeless people, utopian ideas and blind consumerism  from the point of ordinary men.  

Helena K.

Helena Klakocar- Vuksic. graphic novelist, illustrator, concept designer. Garaphic novels published in books: Passage en Douce, Freon, Bruxelles, Be, '99. Awarded with "Alpha –Art award" for best book of an artist stranger on the Festival de BD Angouleme, France. This book is translated in Croatian, Slovenian, Italian. Comic picture book... See more