Help us support the farmers and the artisans of our regions! A boisterous day of meetings and connections with nature and nature lovers.


The project

On Saturday, October 12th, we invite nature and taste lovers for a boisterous day  at the Château de la Bourdaisière, in the heart of the Cher and the Loire valleys. You  will enjoy sparkling meetings with the artisans and the farmers who create the wealth of this “terroir”.


This event is organized by NaturePoint, a non-profit association which seeks to offer inspiration from the world’s most inspired artisans and farmers. NaturePoint is also a community of people passionate about engaging with ideas and each other to design a greater food world.





Connections with nature and our nature, deep in the country


On October 12th, fill up with energy in the vegetable garden, tomato conservatory, and park of the Château de la Bourdaisière, located between Tours and Amboise, in the heart of France! The greatest farmers and artisans from the Cher and the Loire valleys will share their stories and delicacies with visitors. Farmers and artisans from Béarn and Pays basque will also join, to create fruitful talks between valleys!

At a time when the tastiest tomatoes ripen in the kitchen gardens and grape harvesting takes place on the hills, the Château and the gardens of Montlouis-sur-Loire will host a celebration of flavours and conviviality.







Discover and taste the greatest local products, and the secrets of their making... Among others: Laurence and Guy Busson are beekeepers, passionate about the wellness of their bees but also great cooks. Anne and Gilles Guellier have been dairy cow farmers over the past 27 years. It’s been 21 years since not a single piece of chemicals entered the stables - and their cows only eat grass from the farm. Thierry Puzelat at Clos du Tue-Boeuf is an artisan in natural wine. He will help you discover the wealth of his soils - from the smoked flavours of flint to the power of limestone.


Enjoy the talks with food producers and journalists, to understand how curious and inspired people are designing the future of our food.


Meet inspiring farmers and artisans (e.g., bakers, butchers), who combine a love for nature with a commitment for excellence in their work.


Join our cooking workshops: chefs and cookbook authors from many venues and culinary traditions will share their passion and know-how. They will show that one doesn’t need to be a chef to turn great seasonal products into a delicious meal. Linh Lê and her vietnamese streetfood, Linda Louis and her tomato preserves, Beena Paradin and her Indian spices, Estérelle Payany and her vegetable desserts...don’t miss them!





When everything is good, one cannot waste anything! At the end of the day, peels and food waste will be turned into a create culinary improvisation.


This event will be the official launch of NaturePoint. Save the date...and see you there!


At evening time, the "great dinner" will mark the official launch of NaturePoint in an atypical and exceptional venue. It will be the cornerstone of the experience, the most exclusive moment, the sublimation of the terroir by the talent of our chefs. It will be orchestrated by the Michelin starred chef Arnaud Daguin, who will honour the event farmers and artisans. On the menu - best seasonal and regional products and wines from some uncommon winemakers. Around the table, nature's artisans will narrate their life stories to journalists and guests assembled.



Why fund it?

Allowing the launch of NaturePoint and the realisation of our first activities and meetings day at the Château de la Bourdaisière.


The funds collected will be fully injected into our operating budget in order to allow us to offer you, again and again, rich and high quality programs.


NaturePoint would like to keep it's freedom, and will depend only on funds donated by individuals.


The principal launch expenses are:

- NaturePoint's registration taxes

- renting the gardens for the weekend

- buying ingredients for the great dinner

- buying wine bottles from the winemakers

- communication fees

- renting tents (if it rains), heating (if it is cold)

- electrical installations in the castle's gardens

- exceptional expenses: gasoline, insurance...


- and above all, boost the energy level of NaturePoint by creating even more events



Nature. is an association which defines itself as a meeting point between inspired farmers, artisans, and cooks who promote the natural diversity and wealth of nature, and curious souls in search of great, yet accessible food. They believe in the power of meetings and experiences to change behaviours, food ecosystems and ultimately, lives. Nature. is... See more

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J'aime et soutiens ce projet et suis hyper heureuse de participer à son lancement le 12 octobre! Bravo et merci Beena &Yannick!
Bravo pour ce projet, vos idees et la passion que vous mettez en toute chose !
C'est parti.......on arrive!! Philippe & Linda