A game that helps real children in distress.


The project

« Mon P'tit Bout »


 A game that helps real children in distress.   


If we, instead of just donating, would create a game where the money spent on a game would be turned into donations?


Mon Ptit Bout is an app where you can adopt a virtual child. Each player of this game would participate in helping children and villages in trouble.


Because the made expenses will turn into real donations.  







Many associations where people can donate already exist. Then I’ve realized that in the age of Internet we could find a way to collect donations that is better suited for the new generations.


Daily, the Internet games gradually increase in number. The youth spend unbelievably much time on them and because of this I saw an opportunity to make good use of this time, time that can be useful for helping children and villages which are truly in need. 




1) The project  


So my idea is to create an app for mobile phones and on other platforms which will usefully entertain the new generations.  


This game will enable one to sponsor a virtual child on smartphone or on Internet and to take care of the child until it has reached its 18th. Once it has reached it, the child will then put his/her knowledge to use by participating in a construction of a building. Eventually the numerous buildings will turn into a village.   To create this project we need, at first, a credible and serious association to receive the donations. We had a lot of difficulties, but in the end, we succeeded in convincing the biggest Belgian association: SOS villages d’ Enfants, to aid us.  


On the other hand, I also wanted it to be a well realized game, so it would be as pleasant as all the other games we’re spending our times on… Then I searched for the best game studio with David. Unsure of cooperation, we immediately visited the biggest application society of Belgium, « Fishingcactus ».  


To our surprise there was a great feeling and they even gave us a reduction as contribution to the project.  

Only thing left now was finding the funds to make the dream come true. 





2) Working of the project  



When we open the app there are two possible options:  


1. To sponsor a virtual child (You make a payment of 2 € and you can follow the evolution of you sponsored virtual child in autoplay on your mobile. The 2€ will automatically be changed into a donation. You can sponsor several babies.)  


2: Adopt a virtual child (You will handle the education of you virtual child yourself, you don’t have to pay. But each payment you make will be converted to donations.  


Both options will offer you the opportunity to invest more or less in the game. The free version will suggest that you play and the other will enable you to keep an eye on it from distance.   Afterwards we’re set on an interface which offers us the possibility to personalize the kid we will sponsor (skin color, gender, eyes, mouth, etc).  


Then we are led to gradually follow the goals set by the game. The goals are really important for this type of game. So we can really give to every player things to do, to choose or to create.  


On the page itself, we will be able to interact with our baby and progressively when the baby is growing up, the interacting options will evolve:  


E.g. : Between 0 and 3 you will feed your baby and you will be able to cuddle him/her.  


From 4 to 6 you will teach him to speak   From 7 to 12 he will have to make his first trainings   And from 13 to 18 the interactions concerning the activities and the studies will be more of importance. For those who want to, for example, speed up the game or to get special objects or a special trade.




The fact that the kid will become one year older makes the game more attractive. We will want to see the way it will daily evolve.  


Only after 18 days of playing, the kid will become an adult and enter in another phase of the game which consist of helping the community to build the village. He then will have other goals to accomplish such as constructing the buildings to help build a village.  


E.g. It takes  40 workers to create a hospital. Once 40 players will reach the age of 18, the goal will then be accomplished.  


The results of your contribution to the making of the village will be displayed on a counter.   


That way it’s shown what you and what the whole community have achieved.  


The final goal is to raise as many children and make them reach the adulthood. Once they are 18, your kids become workers and start helping out their village thanks to their trade/job.   


The first 6 conceived jobs are:  







-Window dresser  


We will add more trades/jobs and options depending on the amount of the donations we will collect.   For each trade/job there will be a mini game as virtual work.  


Once the goal is reached, you will then have a visual outline of the hospital you just have built which now is integrated into the village. A new goal will then be announced, for example: bring 6 haul(i)er and 12 workers together to build a well.  


The community’s final goal is to set up a whole village that will stand out little by little as the goals are realized.  


The statistics will enable you to follow the evolution of your contribution to the community and the results of all the community.  


The results of the real donations may also be followed. Those will be transferred to the association SOS Villages d’ Enfants to different projects to help real villages and children in need.  


Contrary to educational and surly games, "Mon P'tit Bout » will use a theme and playful ways to do so that the player doesn’t even notice he is playing a game with an educational purpose.  


We would like the player to enjoy and have a good time while playing without realizing he is helping real children.  



3) Where will the collected donations end up?


« Mon P'tit Bout » aims  to create a popular game to generate donations that will be used to help villages and children from all over the world in need.  


I have got the agreement and the support from the international association: SOS villages d’Enfants. They will, thanks to their experience, better use the donated money from this game.  


I wanted a safe and known association to reassure To reassure the players who will donate, I chose a safe and known association.  


You will be able to see and follow the collected amount on the statistics page of the game.   


All your calls will be transferred to SOS villages d’Enfants, excluding fees and costs from the mobile operators.   



4) Supported by


-Godmother of the project: actress Nawel Madani  

-Jean-Claude Van Damme, international star, we had the honor to receive a supporting    picture (photo showing the project has moved him) from him.  

- «Abdel en vrai», a know Belgian Youtuber, he helped us for the strategy and the    development of the project.  

-Fishingcactus, helps us with discounts.  

-SOS villages d’Enfants, helps us by publishing links to donate  

-A Facebook page has been created with more than 16 000 members which I want to    thank for their suggestions and kindness.  

-Steven Defour, one of player of our national football (soccer)  team. He also offered us a    picture to show his support.  

- «Le blog de Sheldon», an influential blogger who helps us on his websites and his    facebook page.    - «Le Suricate Magazine» did a nice article (http://www.lesuricate.org/mon-ptit-bout-   besoin-de-vous/).   - Cely Delyka, an excellent graphic artist, she gave us almost for free all her visual work on    Facebook.   -The national Belgian press is also interested in our project, «Dernière    Heure» :(http://www.dhnet.be/actu/societe/un-ptit-bout-de-femme-admirable-qui-se-bat-   contre-le-cancer-et-pour-les-enfants-54d3b93535701001a190c7f2).  

- DJ Daddy K, the most know DJ of Belgium is also supporting our project.  

- «Radio Contact», first Belgian radio, interviewed us.  

- Salah, winner of «Incroyable Talent France» in 2008 and stand up dancer champion.  

-Sacha, particpant of «Secret Story » support the project via Facebook.  

-Ibrahim «Junbox», winner of «Incoryable Talent B» in 2014, support us with an    autographed picture.







5) The Strategy


The game has been co-written by imagineW sprl and Fishingcactus (first Belgian company of applications' creation).  


The game will be, first of all, a mobile app available on all mobile platforms. But also available on Internet, on the website.  


a) Attention-catcher phase:


Grabbing the attention of the players with a fun theme (to raise a virtual child).   

A neat interface and aiming a big public/audience? (with simplicity and an easy access) Making the game very playful and interactive to make the players come back on the game as often as possible.  


b) Educational awareness phase:


Being faced to the real problems of the penniless/pauper? villagers who are forced to join their forces and to stick together to build and to provide a living for the village.  


Details about the game:  


The name of the app will be: «Mon P’tit Bout»/ «My Lil Kid»   Subtitle: Raise a kid and build his village!   Promotional campaign of the game:   For the launching, the game will have an original promotional campaign:  


The purpose is to create a chain filled with public figures that will relay each other every month. They will sponsor, each in turn, a Lil Kid on camera. We will show you that taking care of a Lil Kid can be easy and fun!   This way, we will have a reason to launch a video campaign through the social networks around the new public figure that will have joined us.  


Each public figure has one month to find the next sponsor that will adopt a Lil kid on his mobile.  


SOS villages d’enfants will give us the possibility to use their social networks to publicize the game.   And at last, my cousin who is administrator of web games will also advertise through his already existing game network.      



6) Genesis of the project


My name is Florence, I’m 32  and I’m fighting against cancer for 3 years. During this period I have been thinking about the meaning of life. I needed to change path, I wanted to be finally useful for others.   Then I thought about my cousin, David, who creates websites which are very lucrative.   


They I’ve been wondering if we could adapt those games in order to help powerless/resourceless children and villages.   I told myself that maybe through a game, we wouldn’t need to convince the youth to donate, if all the money spent on gaming would be turned into donations.  


Then I’ve imagined a game where we could sponsor a virtual child. All the money spent for the well-being of this virtual child would be given to real villages and real children in need.  


The goal is to change the time youth are using in a useful pastime.  


People were really enthusiast about my idea, so I decided to provide myself the means to realize it.   When I see the effects that my idea generates, I realize how important it is to come out of  our own world, to care about the others and more particularly about the weakest.


You can’t imagine how much people changed since I’m busy with this project. When we are taking care of other people, it’s like something magical is happening, it’s like to meet incredible people/stuff,  it’s like an enormous opportunity and a heavenly energy which is following me.  


I’d like to be useful to live as well as to dream about. (Julien Clerc)  


Thank you to allow me making this dream come true!      






Why fund it?

To realize the game we need following collaborator:  


- Studio Fishingcactus that draws up an estimate of 26,000 €  


The administration fee that covers all the organization of the project (means, promotional clips’ productions, payment of counterparts Kisskissbankbank) : 2,000€   Total: 28,000€ + 8% (fee Kisskissbankbank) = 30,240€  


With tho sum we can guarantee the creation of the game application by a professional team. The expected donations of the website would be 40,000€ per month (after 6 months) that would be monthly transferred to SOS villages d’Enfants for the real implementation of the projects for resourceless villages and children. (http://www.sos-villages-enfants.be)


Atteinte d'un cancer du sein en 2012 je décide de créer une application pour l'association SOS Villages d'Enfants afin de jouer pour parrainer les enfants.

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