The Argentine artist N. Gómez is planning his new series of large paintings on canvas that illustrate urban realities!


The project





My name is Nicolás Gómez. I am Argentinian and I have been working in Europe for eight months. From May to October I have been residing in Amsterdam, where I have developed a series of pictures inspired in urban realities. At present I am established in Berlin; and I plan to carry out here my next project.

My formal education began at the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (Buenos Aires, 2004-2009). At the same time, I have assisted to workshops of Argentinian artist Luis Debairosmoura (2007-2009), and I have worked as digital illustrator, publicitary painter and draftsman during the last nine years.

Though my academic formation and through some travels for study I have elaborated an aesthetics that I intend to reinforce. This requires naturally a certain funding so that I can have access to the resources that will make it possible for me to express the visual concepts I have in mind.

Living in Berlin since November, at this moment I am designing a studio where I can progress with my proposal.




Concept of the proposal:


The guiding concept of my aesthetic proposal aims to the ways of life as they are constituted in urban spaces. Central aspects determining the current figure of urban human life would be: the imposition of life-programmes, a growing capacity to internalise reifying habits and routines, a multi-connectivity that expands and at the same time limits our consciousness, a stealthy virtual jail supported by bureaucratic State systems, and the unconscious obsession for the exhibition of private life, private miseries, private routines, and even the public construction of a fictitious private life for a fictitious public. The individual being gives up before social networks. Social networks determine the progress of people’s days by suggesting them, with kind sensuality, to willingly collaborate with the strict register of their identity. All this ends up producing a general homogenisation of ways of life that seems to be useful to nothing but the market will to classify society in consumer-targets. 




Thoughts about the urban universe and human behavior appeared in my work many years ago. They have been displacing other concerns and interests, and today they constitute the fundamental notion of my aesthetics.

The following poem, by Argentinian poet Oliverio Girondo, is an illustration of this interest:


I have no personality; I am a cocktail, a mixture, a manifestation of personalities.


It is impossible to know which is the true one!

Even though I am forced to coexist in the most absolute promiscuity with all of them, I do not persuade myself that they belong to me.

 (“I have no personality”, Espantapajaros, 1932)




I have started to explicitly work on these concepts during my sojourn in Amsterdam. I have developed three series of drawings which try to represent the fragile nature of man in present industrialised, informatised and bureaucratised world. Using multiple images provided by the urban world I have incorporated to my visual study diverse elements that define life of men in this surrounding both real and fictitious which is the city.



Why fund it?



Until now I have been expressing this concept only in paper. Since I intend to make more complex works, I have decided to work now on canvas and to increase the size of the paintings. This will make it possible for me to improve the conceptual and expressive power of images. For this purpose the construction of stretchers in accordance to the expressive needs of this series would be required. The main principle here is to adapt the measure and format of materials to the images themselves, and not the other way round.


Needed supplies:


For this purpose a series of technical elements would be required:


1.      Studio equipment: desk, easel, structures for saving the work. 500 e.

2.      Stretchers construction: wood, clothing, imprimation, screws.500 e.

3.      Paper: 50 units. 100 e.

4.      Working materials: pencils, brushes, charcoal, palette knife. 100 e.

5.      Paint: 300 e.


Total: 1500 e

Nicolás Gómez

Born in Morón, Buenos Aires, in 1987. Encouraged by visual arts, he began to attend drawing and painting classes at a young age. In 2005, he entered the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte, where he took classes till 2010. At the same time, he was educated as a cartoonist and took airbrushing and fileteado porteño classes (a style of painting... See more