Implementation of a small edition studio to issue original art works at an affordable cost by most people.


The project

The objective is to make the art accessible to most people. The feeling to possess an original work which we like offers itself to everyone. My works try to arouse the Joice!


  The project aims at the setting of a small edition workshop of digital artistic works, targeted at the small and average sizes using the best available techniques.   The quality criteria remain untouched. The numerical techniques allow a multiplicity at the same time in the creation and in the broadcasting. These new possibilities permit both the unique and the multiples, offering a wider and renew access to the art.  


The pigmentary ink provides a final rendering equivalent to the acrylic paintings. The conservation announced for the an edition protected by a glass frame is of more than 100 years. The paper will be at least of 300gr thickness and of art museum conservation quality, neutral and stable.   It's time to restore the place of the visual art for everyone!  


The choice of the editions in the conterparts will be made from my original works. They will be asked once the project will be validated. I would stay in the legal limit of 200 editions for the original prints. The pictures are available for consultation on my artist site (so far in french).

Why fund it?

The budget will be spent to acquire both the equipments and the consumables of the workshop, in quality and quantity sufficient to supply the promised counterparts. Collectors and larger formats will be printed aside given their specific characteristics.  


The paper will be of a grammage of at least 300 gr, with archival quality allowing a preservation beyond 100 years protected from the direct sunlight and the excessive humidity.  


In case of an extra budget, I would add a supplementary 40x40cm edition by each 1000 euros overcoming 5000 Euros, depending on your subscription.  


Unless otherwise specified from your part, I would propose afterward editions with special prices to each contributor.  


The distribution of the budget will be the following one:




The contributions are spread out between 1 Euros and 1000 Euros. Everyone will find his or her pleasure. Please, notice that you choose yourself the works edited in your contribution. As soon as the project will successed, I would contact you to thank you warmly and then to know your choices of editions, from the works published on ArtQuid:


Here are in images the available contributions with examples of edited works.




The sticker is a printed one, on which I would call remind the project and my thanks:




The artistic editions start with the 15 Euro contribution. A certificate on special paper will be joined to your sending, resuming your participation and thanking you:




Every edition included a margin, proportional with the size of the printing, work itself. Its size is mentioned and the margin will not be superior to 5 cms, allowing you to benefit at most from your edition while protecting it.  




Above the 30x30 cm size, your editions can be delivered to you in the South and the West of the Paris Area. Below, I would send them to you in a very good packaging to avoid degradation in the transport.  




From the contribution of 100 Euros, the biggest draws are larger than the prints I usually produce. This project is an opportunity to benefit from a special serie. And  the contributors beyond 100 Euros will be the only beneficiaries ! This will be mentioned on my thank you letter accompanying your prints.




From this contribution of 200 Euros , we are entering in the Gallerie formats. The possibility is offeredto you to acquire not less than 5 works for an amount lower than that at auction.


The contribution period is short; your prompt action will delight your emotion and guarantee your participation to this unique project !




The two highest contributions are for lovers and benefactors of art. You have a taste for artistic innovation ! A century after the Impressionist revolution, you participate in the digital revolution of visual art. Honor your intuition and your investment will delight your descendants. The next generations will celebrate the accuracy of your vision.


Please note that I do my best to ensure that the qualities of my works are sustainable and will transmit from generation to generation, at least for one century.

Once made ​​your contribution, you will have time to choose works based on print sizes.




The highest is for You!

Your contribution for 1000 Euros or more leave me speechless, but with my heart full of gratitude for your continued support to my project. Enjoy without counting the energy of joyful life that I breathe in my creations.


Hats off!





For compagny contribution, I would give you a receipt compliant with Article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code, on my professional and living painter qualities. Please note that this article does not apply to individuals, but only for companies based in France.

Steve Awhtz

My artistic research began at the beginning of the 90th, with these mathematical objects that are fractales. Then I entered in a long meditation on the art and its becoming, througth all the works visible everywhere in Paris. At the beginning of this century, my technique takes its shape with the progress of the computer and my reflection turned to the... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Where can I see the works ?

Here :, more than70 works on line.
The site is in french, just click on pictures and page number.

+ How will be done the choices for the printings ?

As soon as the project will succeed, I will contact you with a grid of your printings. You will just have to put for each format the work you want.

+ How do will receive my printings?

Your printings will be send free of charge in France and Europe.
The oversea expeditions will be free of charge for rewards above 100 Euros. Below, we will see together the best way to send the to you.

Your printings will be very carefuy packed against tranportation hazards.

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