Murky Depths is a contemporary dance duet - 30 minutes - showing the existence and the importance each person's will.


The project

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An idea can appear in any person’s mind. Without will, this idea will only remain as an embryo, and will definitively remain as an unachieved dream.


In this piece, the existence and importance of one’s own will is shown. In order to grow, develop and evolve, an idea needs a huge source of energy. This source of energy exists in each of us but unfortunately it often remains unused. This piece deals with the idea that "energy production"; regardless of where the motivation comes from, willpower is the generator.




This will can push, refresh, encourage, support, lead and empower an individual. Will is a kind of independent person who lives inside each of us, transforming our internal energy and exploding it into the external world.


The piece manifests this will through a performer. Our goal is to convince the public that a person is never alone. He can find the strength to accomplish daunting feats using his own resources. We want the audience to become aware that it is possible for each of us to discuss and debate with ourselves. We can be our own support in life.




Murky Depths is a 30-minutes-long creation for two dancers that aims to surprise the audience by bringing what is buried within each of us - the stories, feelings, internal work - to the surface projects. We want the audience to leave the theater full of energy, saying "I will realize and develop my ideas. No matter how long it takes, I will engage heart and soul. I will fulfill my desires. "

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BEAVER DAM is a contemporary dance company founded in 2013 in Annecy, France. The aim of the company is to question the daily lives of the audience through its creations and performances. Beaver Dam aims to make the audience question and think about general issues. The purpose is to provide a different view of their daily habits and hopefully, give an impetus for change.




EDOUARD HUE - Choreographer / Dancer 


Edouard graduated from the CRR of Annecy in 2010 and from the Ballet Junior of Geneva in 2012. In parallel to his studies, he worked occasionally with Giuseppe Bucci in 2011 and the Alias company in 2012. Immediately after graduation, he was part of the creation of "Fenix " with Foofwa Imobilité in Geneva. Subsequently, he joined the Hofesh Shechter Company, in London as an apprentice. At the end of his contract in 2013, he will continue to dance for the company as a guest artist. In addition, he works as a free lancer with the James Wilton Company in London.






Noëlle was trained at the CRR of Annecy and at the CNR of Montpellier until 2007. She then joined the Ballet Junior of Geneva in 2008. She

danced in works by Stjin Celis, Gilles Jobin, Jozef Trefeli, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon, Alexander Ekman and others ...

She participated in 2012 at the "SpeedBattles # 2", organized by Louis Clement at the Antigel festival in Geneva, Switzerland. At the moment, Noëlle is a dancer in the Josette Baïz company in Aix en Provence.




ZOE DUMONT - Photographer

Portfolio :




NIELS PLOTARD - Video Capture



Zoé Dumont and Niels Plotard will work together for the photo and video documentation of Murky Depths.

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At Le Pavillon Noir in Aix en Provence - France, whom we thank for loaning their studio on the following dates :


- 28 to 31 October 2013

- 4 to 8 November 2013

- 21, 22 and 25 of november 2013

- 6 to 10 January 2014

- 13 to 17 January 2014


At the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture of Novel - Annecy - France :


- 2 to 4 January, 2014

- 20 to 25 January 2014


Earlier in 2013, at the Imprimerie in Geneva, Switzerland, from August 6 to 11, 2013. These work periods gave us the opportunity to test ideas and concepts, and take photos and videos for the trailer of the piece (see above). We would like to thank Patrice Delay and Sean Wood for their help.

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- the 15th of February - "Antigel" festival in Geneva

- the 15th of March - "Nuit Blanche" festival in Niort with the production : "Blue Twig"

- Between 22nd and 25th of May 2014 : Tremplin de la Création at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture of Novel - Annecy, France.


We are currently in contact with festivals. We will keep you informed of the progress as the negotiations proceed.

Why fund it?

BEAVER DAM is a new dance company and support is greatly appreciated for its first creation. The boost you give for the company will help us to produce a professional and accomplished work. With your help, the company will be paying the artists involved in the project. Everything is new in BEAVER DAM and we have boundless energy. We are professional and despite being at our choreographic debut, we think it is very important to reward the work . We are also very vigilant and take care of the safety and welfare of our dancers. Therefore we have included insurance for the dancers (valid for one year) in the fundraising goal .


- Insurance : 150 euros

- Salaries : 3,400 euros gross (including employer contributions) for both dancers, photographer and video technician

- Costumes : 100 euros

- Fee - KissKissBankBank (8% total ) : 320 euros


In case of surplus, by agreement between the office of the association and artists , we will use the extra money to pay for all hours worked (SMIC hour) , but also for administrative costs (photocopies, postage, envelopes etc. ... ) and reimbursement transports for rehearsals (Annecy -> Aix en Provence and Geneva -> Annecy).


Thank you very much for your support and a big thank you to the MJC Novel - Annecy , Anne Davier, Patrice Delay, Mélanie Fréguin , Véronique Son, Robert Seyfried and Sean Wood for their support and their considerable assistance for the development of the Beaver Dam company.


Beaver Dam

BEAVER DAM is a contemporary dance company founded in 2013 in Annecy, France. The aim of the company is to question the daily lives of the public through the creation and representation of shows. The main work of the company is improvisation and the further development possible of it. This new dance company strongly believes in instinct. The company... See more

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