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Présentation détaillée du projet


“Myanmar Beyond the Surface” documents how Myanmar looks like after 60 years of military dictatorship and international isolation. I want to show how history has shaped the Myanmar society and tell the story of how the country and its people are changing since the regime started to open up to the world in 2011.


The last 2 years people from all layers of Myanmarese society have been photographed. Different people in different situations but all connected by their common past; a life in a dictatorship.


To document and share these stories with people around the world, I have worked together with renowned international journalists with thorough knowledge about Myanmar. All stories have been photographed and great background articles have been written. I have funded this project completely out of my own pocket, but to publish a book, I need help. With only 200 pre-orders we can go to print.


Help me to realize this book and give the people of Myanmar to the attention they deserve!





The best reward of this campaign are 10 stories (in English language) from all layers of Myanmar's society bundled in 240+ pages of high-quality printing by Koopmans Printing. Accommodated by thorough background stories written by renowned journalists living and working in Myanmar under supervision of Myanmar expert Hans Hulst. Edited by top journalist Maarten van der Schaaf and designed by experienced graphic designers Maja Moliere & Océane Combeau.


The book gives you a unique look at Myanmar's society and is interesting for both people with and without knowledge about Myanmar.




A small tip of the veil; One image per story! During the campaing I will share more; So stay tuned!



Explosion hazard The most beautiful and most dangerous festival



Ko Nyi Nyi Fearless opposition





The upcoming Hip Hop scene Yangon




HIV / Aids shelter Yangon





Aye Ne Win The wealthy grandson of Myanmar's first dictator





Oil fever Poor oil farmers & their primitive search for oil




Mister Silver The smiling octogenarian and his misunderstood disease





U Hla Swe a famous parliament member who lives in the empty capital city





Sai Un The happy rice-farmer





An audience with the warlord Myawaddy




À quoi servira la collecte ?

Up till now the project has been funded completely out of my own pocket. The budget is only requiered for the printing & lithography cost of the book incl. 8% fee for crowdfunding platform.


11.880,-- Printing & lithography

€      950,-- 8% crowdfunding platform fee.


This budget is needed to print 200 books. If more money is raised it will be used to print more books. These books will be sold. Any profit will be used to pay a small fee to the people that helped me during the project free of charge. With any remaining profit I will try and translate the stories into Burmese language and make it available to the people of Myanmar that do not speak English.




The prices are excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs vary by country and so it is impossible to calculate this into one single book prize. 


If the crowdfunding campaign is successful I will contact you personally how to deliver the book. In the regions Amsterdam (NL), Limburg (NL) and Yangon (MM) a pick-up or delivery can be arranged.


In other cases, it will be sent it by post or parcel service. I will communicate the shipping prize before shipping.


Jeroen de Bakker

My name is Jeroen de Bakker. I am an Amsterdam based documentary photographer. Last two years I have been working on "The Myanmar Project" / "Myanmar: Beyond the Surface ". This project documents how Myanmar looks like after 60 years of military dictatorship and international isolation. 

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Jeroen, succes met je fantastische project. Wij zijn trots op je !
Great cause....happy to support where I can
Beautiful pictures for a worthy cause!