No Man's Land is the new album NOMAD SYNERGY. You can contribute to birth then thousand thank you.


The project



NOMAD SYNERGY is an electro-pop project created in 2013 . Stéphane Cavanez is the creator. Professional drummer, he is also a composer, so he naturally lets talk about creativity in to realize his first album "No man's land". For lyrics it uses four authors with real personnality of writing, which adds a real dimension to this album; English is naturally evident to can touch the most people. Collaboration with various talented artists enriched the project. This album gives a dark atmosphere. Topics such as fanaticism, schizophrenia, loneliness, excessive, fear of aging, are enhanced by a surprising orchestration. The “electro sounds” mix with real instruments. Intimate melodies or more catchy, is here an introspective journey NOMAD SYNERGY offers to his side.




This is covert album "No man's land". Realized by Chloé Mathieu



  RADIO GAGA is extract to "Collectif tribute" album. Realized in 2008


Why fund it?

Mastering + glassmaster + picture DDP = 700 €


rights MRSA = 1000 €


1000 CD digipack + booklet 4 pages = 1100€


payment to kisskissbankbank 8% = 240€


If the collection exceeds the amount, it will serve to promotion of "No Man's Land", and mabe making a new video clip. many many thanks


NOMAD SYNERGY est un projet électro-pop créé en 2013 dont Stéphane Cavanez est l’instigateur. Batteur de formation, il est également compositeur, c’est donc tout naturellement qu’il laisse parler sa créativité afin de réaliser son premier album « No man’s land ». Pour les textes il fait appel à 4 auteurs avec chacun leurs propre style d’écriture, ce... See more

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