Help us fund Nib'infos ! Wonderful stories and beautiful designs, created by youth.


The project

Help us finance the first season of Nib'infos:




We've created these small animation movies, with very few resources initially. Now we would like to involve young talents for the coming seasons.We need financial help to move to the next step.










This first series in a humorous tone, will interest the youth to the joys of drawing.  




We will :

-Organize, choose, and work on topics together.

-Detect new talent.

-Invite people, including private and public authorities, companies,

 local and international agencies.

-We Will negotiate the distribution of these seasons on local and international channels.

-With the money raised, we can further develop this project !

-Improve our creations: a positive dynamic within and outside the borders of the country.



Why fund it?

The budget of € 5,500:


- Workplaces Rental : 1200 €.

- Studio recordings, mixing and mastering : 1500 €.

- 2 storages Hard Drives 

(A storage and one for security backups) : 220 €.

- Purchase drawing materials ( paper, erasers, crayons, markers, pens, markers ... ) : 100 €.

- Computer Additional drawings for retouching : 800 €.

- 2 Graphics Tablets : 240 €.

- Edition, Production and duplication DVD + Pockets 1000 : 1000 €.

- Kiss Kiss Bank Bank 5500 € x 8% = 440 €.


Each additional you will give us, will help us to buy equipment. A big thank you to all participants and to the entire community!


# Illustrateurs et animateurs 2D/3D, passionnés par les arts graphiques, la musique et la video. Master 2 en Art, Option 3d Digital Film Animation. Etudes suivies à Angers, Lille, Quimper ( France ). # Illustrator, 2D / 3D animator, Graphic Arts, Music and Video. Master 2 in Art, Option Digital 3d Animation Film . @ Angers, Lille, and Quimper...